Göttingen, Demonstration on 22.01 – Our Solidarity Against Their Repression!

Both the „coalition“ text and the text from the Antifaschistische Linke International are now available in English, which is good for the (many) non-German speaking readers of this blog. For those of you who have still not made the connection, this case is not only politically of great importance, it also hits the Fire and Flames world very, very close to home. Speaking of „home“…

You can read the coalition call for the demonstration on January 22nd, and see the ever growing list of supporters, here.

The following is the call of the Antifaschistische Linke International for the demonstration:

On January 27th of 2010, police raided an autonomous collective home in the Rote Strasse in the city of Goettingen. This came following a small explosion in the kitchen of the “Landkreisamt” (a government office housing, among others, the offices of those who handle deportations and other immigration issues). Three days later, during a “Solidarity Demonstration Against State Repression”a young person was arrested on suspicion of having thrown a firecracker from within the demonstration. In his trial there has as of yet been no verdict, but this is of no concern to the prosecution- the person should be forced to give a DNA sample, because from him “further serious crimes” are to be expected. Should he not appear to give his DNA voluntarily, “coercive measures” will be effected upon him in order to obtain it.

(EDIT 09.01: The accused activist chose not to appear at his “date” with the Police on the 5th of January. Since 07.01 he is officially “wanted” by the German police.)

The investment of so much time and energy on behalf of Göttingens police and state prosecutor, and the co-operation of the judiciary begs the question…
Do they feel the fear?

Does the cop from Berlin see the images from Athens of thousands militantly confronting their Greek colleagues, and feel a cold chill down his spine?

Does a judge in Stuttgart read about the bomb which destroyed a courthouse in Athens, and worry because even in Europe more and more anti-state fighters show that they can strike anytime, anywhere?

Do petty city functionaries and university bureaucrats in dozens of nameless and forgettable German towns see the images of London, where masses of students filled the streets with rage and anger, and think twice about their choices?

Do union bureaucrats and other managers of social peace remember that in France, only a couple of months ago, tens of thousands of rank and file members defied their authority and chose the path of direct action and self-organization to confront the state and bosses?

Do politicians and warmongers think of Rome, and the thousands upon thousands who turned the city into a cauldron of unrest on December 14th, delivering a clear message of rejection for and rupture with this existence, and ponder what surprises the future may also hold for them?

Do they know, as we do, that even in the driest and most adverse of conditions, it still only takes a spark to start a prairie fire?

Read the complete call…

Finally, two items wed like to draw your attention to:

-Solidarity is also sadly a financial matter, and for this reason the Rote Hilfe has set up a fundraising account:

Rote Hilfe Göttingen
Sparkasse Göttingen (BLZ 260 500 01)
Konto-Nr. 135020
Zweck „DNA“

Finally, for those of you in or around Braunschweig, the Antifa Cafe Braunschweig is organizing a collective trip to the demonstration.

Stoppt die Vorratsdatenspeicherung! Jetzt klicken & handeln!Willst du auch bei der Aktion teilnehmen? Hier findest du alle relevanten Infos und Materialien: