A Racing lo hace grande su gente y vos no existis….

Today, 9 years ago, one of the greatest days of our lives. Argentina was in the midst of the uprising of December 2001, an experience that was one of the most unique, motivating, and inspiring one can ever imagine. As if all this was not enough, Racing was one game away from its first championship in 35 years.

In my case, the two great pillars of my lifes dreams, revolution and a championship for Racing, were converging in a way unimagineable even in my most wildest of fantasies. We camped for days for a ticket, almost died in the chaos that ensued, wondered where all the cops were, then left to go take what we needed from supermarkets, fight killer cops, and try bravely and naively to storm the house of the presidency.

In 2001, headed towards the stadium for the last game…

And the obligatory video of goals and images from that season, set to Argentine pop music…

In the present day, another season recently ended. For Racing, a very dignified 6th place, and only not a Libertadores cup spot because our rival teams mafia dictator president of the Argentine Futbol Association makes the rules for them as they go. Our final game of the season, playing for nothing, losing 0-2, and giving the following show. The video is long, but gets better by the minute.

Finally, the historic 6-4 win in Boca stadium, whose 15 year anniversary was also recently. There are even players you European ignorants will know in this one…Maradona for Boca, and Piojo Lopez for Racing.

In Atlantas case, its midway through the season, first place 6 points ahead of the second placed team. The over one decade long third division nightmare might just be nearing its end!

For now, no more real games until the end of January.

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