On the arrest on anarchist Christos Politis

…..“In a period of political, social and financial crisis, when the certainties provided by the system have collapsed and everything seems possible, the state, by personifying the internal enemy, by intensifying the suppression against the movement, diffuses it into all social levels. Where in the recent past in lack of evidence the state penalized personal relationships and friendships has now begun creating them in order to penalize them.
And if the state has decided to annihilate its political enemies by fabricating culprits and suspects, the journalists have undertaken the dirty work of slander and social isolation of those who are targeted.

As of my person, I declare that I am an anarchist and the only “organization” in which I actively participate for years is the one of the social fights which promote friendly relationships, solidarity with the oppressed and the fighters, the self-organizing, the horizontal structures, the clashes for the overthrow of the state and the capital, to the freedom of all of us.“

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