Fire and Flames Update: Available Again- All Power, Graff Train, Stop Control, Antifascist, Flaming Star, Lucarelli

A small interruption from all the exciting events in the real world for a quick Fire and Flames update: We just received re-orders of the much appreciated designs below, they are therefore as of today available again in all sizes.

Also, since we are being bombarded with orders (thanks, by the way) and also with delivery time questions: like we said, we GUARANTEE delivery before 24.12 inside Germany if the order is paid by 20.12. After that, one or two more days its not impossible, but we dont make any promises.

The Rote Hilfe Benefit CDs will be arriving on Monday, and finally the remainder of our winter collection should be arriving sometime this week.

Anyways, here are the designs…

„All Power to the People“
(as black t-shirt and navy blue hooded sweatshirt)

No picture here, and not yet online, but the gold colored „All Power“ shirt has been replaced by a new red one which looks INCREDIBLE. Pictures in a few days…

„Graff Train“
(as t-shirt and sweatshirt)

„Stop Control“
(available in black, or in gold)

(red or black t-shirt, bordeaux hooded sweatshirt)

„Antifascist Always“
(as t-shirt and hooded sweatshirt)

„Flaming Star“
(available in black, red, and purple)

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