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New Years Eve: The Passion for Freedom is Stronger than All Prisons

What better way to say goodbye to the departing year and greet the new one than by greetings the friends and comrades in prison, and generally taking the opportunity to denounce the prison system as a whole. In many cities, this is a welcome tradition. Here is a video of anarchist comrades outside Korydallos prison last year…

And the poster for this year…

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In Germanland…

Hamburg I: 22:30 Uhr | Demo zum Knast, U-Feldstraße
Hamburg II: 23:30 Uhr | Kundgebung vor dem UG Holstenglacis
Köln: 18 Uhr | Knast-Demo, Haltestelle Rektor-Klein-Straße, Linie 5, Ossendorf

They are in There for Us, Were Out Here for Them!

For the final note of 2010, as customary, a poem from the terribly underappreciated anarchist poet and writer Voltairine de Cleyre (a book of her writings can be found here), titled Ave et Vale

Comrades, what matter the watch-night tells
That a New Year comes or goes?
What to us are the crashing bells
That clang out the Century’s close?

What to us is the gala dress?
The whirl of the dancing feet?
The glitter and blare in the laughing press,
And din of the merry street?

Do we not know that our brothers die
In the cold and the dark tonight?
Shelterless faces turned toward the sky
Will not see the New Year’s light?

Wandering children, lonely, lost,
Drift away on the human sea,
While the price of their lives in a glass is tossed
And drunk in a revelry!

Ah, know we not in their feasting halls
Where the loud laugh echoes again,
That brick and stone in the mortared walls
Are bones of murdered men?

Slowly murdered! By day and day,
The beauty and strength are reft,
Till the Man is sapped and sucked away,
And a Human Rind is left!

A Human Rind, with old, thin hair,
And old thin voice to pray
For alms in the bitter winter air,—
A knife at his heart always.

And the pure in heart are impure in flesh
For the cost of a little food:
Lo, when the Gleaner of Time shall thresh,
Let these be accounted good.

For these are they who in bitter blame
Eat the bread whose salt is sin;
Whose bosoms are burned with the scarlet shame,
Till their hearts are seared within.

The cowardly jests of a hundred years
Will be thrown where they pass tonight,
Too callous for hate, and too dry for tears,
The saddest of human blight.

Do we forget them, these broken ones,
That our watch tonight is set?
Nay, we smile in the face of the year that comes
Because we do not forget.

We do not forget the tramp on the track,
Thrust out in the wind-swept waste,
The curses of Man upon his back,
And the curse of God in his face.

The stare in the eyes of the buried man
Face down in the fallen mine;
The despair of the child whose bare feet ran
To tread out the rich man’s wine;

The solemn light in the dying gaze
Of the babe at the empty breast,
The wax accusation, the somber glaze
Of its frozen and rigid rest;

They are all in the smile that we turn to the east
To welcome the Century’s dawn;
They are all in our greeting to Night’s high priest,
As we bid the Old Year begone.

Begone and have done, and go down and be dead
Deep drowned in your sea of tears!
We smile as you die, for we wait the red
Morn-gleam of a hundred-years

That shall see the end of the age-old wrong,—
The reapers that have not sown,—
The reapers of men with their sickles strong
Who gather, but have not strown.

For the earth shall be his and the fruits thereof
And to him the corn and wine,
Who labors the hills with an even love
And knows not „thine and mine.

And the silk shall be to the hand that weaves.
The pearl to him who dives,
The home to the builder; and all life’s sheaves
To the builder of human lives.

And none go blind that another see.
Or die that another live;
And none insult with a charity
That is not theirs to give.

For each of his plenty shall freely share
And take at another’s hand:
Equals breathing the Common Air
And toiling the Common Land.

A dream? A vision? Aye, what you will;
Let it be to you as it seems:
Of this Nightmare Real we have our fill;
Tonight is for „pleasant dreams.“

Dreams that shall waken the hope that sleeps
And knock at each torpid Heart
Till it beat drum taps, and the blood that creeps
With a lion’s spring upstart!

For who are we to be bound and drowned
In this river of human blood?
Who are we to lie in a swound,
Half sunk in the river mud?

Are we not they who delve and blast
And hammer and build and burn/
Without us not a nail made fast!
Not a wheel in the world should turn!

Must we, the Giant, await the grace
That is dealt by the puny hand
Of him who sits in the feasting place,
While we, his Blind Jest, stand

Between the pillars? Nay, not so:
Aye, if such things were true,
Better were Gaza again, to show
What the giant’s rage may do!

Bet yet not this: it were wiser far
To enter the feasting hall
And say to the Masters, „These things are
Not for you alone, but all.“

And this shall be in the Century
that opes on our eyes to-night;
So here’s to the struggle, if it must be,
And to him who fights the fight.

And here’s to the dauntless, jubilant throat
That loud to its Comrade sings,
Till over the earth shrills the mustering note,
And the World Strike’s signal rings.

— Philadelphia, 1st January 1901

Göttingen: Soliabend für russische AntifaschistInnen: Infoveranstaltung + Party mit Lucha Amada Soundystem!

Fire and Flames Music and the Antifaschistische Linke International Present:

30.Dezember, JuzI Göttingen

19 Uhr Infoveranstaltung
Zur Situation der Antifa-Szene in Russland

22 Uhr Party mit Lucha Amada Soundsystem | Latinska/Reggae/Muffin/Salsa | (Floor 1)
Gunman – Black Wazabi (elektronischetanzmusik) (Floor 2)
Molotov’s Cocktailbar

(The concert part of the evening is cancelled, you can read here about the reasons why we took this decision. Click on the link, then scroll down to „Zur Programmänderung“)

You can view pictures and a review of the previous ALI party together with Lucha Amada here.

Below is the info text for the infoveranstaltung:

„Internationale Solidarität ist weit mehr als nur eine Floskel. Unsere Solidarität gilt den Antifaschistinnen und Antifaschisten in Russland – nirgendwo sonst zeigt sich die heutige faschistische und menschenverachtende Ideologie offener, brutaler und mörderischer als dort. Zahlreiche Antifaschistinnen und Antifaschisten wurden bedroht, angegriffen und ermordet. Zeit, dass sich was ändert!

Am 19. Januar 2009 wurde der libertäre Aktivist Stanislav Markelov und die antifaschistische Anarchistin Anastasia Baburova von radikalnationalen Terroristen in Moskau auf offener Straße erschossen. Schon im Jahr 2008 ermordeten Nazis in Russland prominente antifaschistische AktivistInnen. So wurde am 10. Oktober 2008 Fjedor Filatov, einer der Mitbegründer der Moskauer Trojan Skin Bewegung, vor seinem Haus von einer Horde Nazis aufgelauert und erstochen. Er war allerdings nur einer von zahlreichen Opfern. Im Jahr 2008 starben, nach Angaben des Informations- und Analysezentrum „Sova“ 110 Menschen. 486 wurden verletzt. Im vergangenen Jahr wurden 60 Menschen ermordet und 306 verletzt. Unter ihnen waren, neben Markelov und Baburova, der bekannte Moskauer Antifaschist Ilja Dzhaparidze, der libertäre Aktivist und Musiker Andrej Mal’chenko aus Krasnodar und der Moskauer R.A.S.H. Ivan Chutorskoi, der am 16. November offenbar ebenfalls von einer rechten Zelle hingerichtet wurde. Der Anschlag auf den „Newski Express“ Ende November vergangenen Jahres muss ebenfalls Naziterroristen zugerechnet werden.
Angesichts der Eskalation der Ereignisse des letzten Jahres, der zunehmenden Kontakte zwischen staatsloyalen Parteien und Jugendorganisationen, die nun mehr auch mit offen rassistischen und militanten Gruppen zusammenarbeiten, sowie einer aggressiv nationalistischen Atmosphäre in Russland, ist Solidarität mehr als notwendig!

Aus diesem Grund veranstalten wir ein Soli-Event am 30.12. im JuzI. Ziel der Veranstaltung soll sein, Spenden zu sammeln für die russische Antifa-Szene. Das Geld soll gezielt an den Bedürfnissen und Wünschen der russischen AktivistInnen orientiert sein um Aufbauarbeit zu unterstützen. Es sollen antifaschistische Strukturen unterstützt werden, Informationen verbreitete sowie eine breitere Diskussion in der Öffentlichkeit über die herrschenden Zustände und die rassistischen und faschistischen Aktionen in Russland angestoßen werden.
Zeigt euch solidarisch mit Antifas aus Russland!

In the End we will win!
Siempre Antifascista!“


A Racing lo hace grande su gente y vos no existis….

Today, 9 years ago, one of the greatest days of our lives. Argentina was in the midst of the uprising of December 2001, an experience that was one of the most unique, motivating, and inspiring one can ever imagine. As if all this was not enough, Racing was one game away from its first championship in 35 years.

In my case, the two great pillars of my lifes dreams, revolution and a championship for Racing, were converging in a way unimagineable even in my most wildest of fantasies. We camped for days for a ticket, almost died in the chaos that ensued, wondered where all the cops were, then left to go take what we needed from supermarkets, fight killer cops, and try bravely and naively to storm the house of the presidency.

In 2001, headed towards the stadium for the last game…

And the obligatory video of goals and images from that season, set to Argentine pop music…

In the present day, another season recently ended. For Racing, a very dignified 6th place, and only not a Libertadores cup spot because our rival teams mafia dictator president of the Argentine Futbol Association makes the rules for them as they go. Our final game of the season, playing for nothing, losing 0-2, and giving the following show. The video is long, but gets better by the minute.

Finally, the historic 6-4 win in Boca stadium, whose 15 year anniversary was also recently. There are even players you European ignorants will know in this one…Maradona for Boca, and Piojo Lopez for Racing.

In Atlantas case, its midway through the season, first place 6 points ahead of the second placed team. The over one decade long third division nightmare might just be nearing its end!

For now, no more real games until the end of January.

Good News: Giannis Dimitrakis` Sentence Drastically Reduced

That an anarchist comrade finds himself in the hands of the state, that since several years, and will furthermore continue to do so, is of course only „good news“ in a very relative sense of the word. Nonetheless, we cannot help but feel joy at the news that a brave, principled, and committed fighter such as Giannis Dimitrakis, who has already been held prisoner of the state for almost 5 years, has had his sentence significantly reduced from 35 years to 12 years.

This means he is eligible to be released in under 3 years. Our thoughts are with him, all the other comrades in Greece and elsewhere fighting against state repression and incarceration, and all of those supporting them. Below is the statement regarding the new sentence:

„Today (23.12) was announced the final sentence at the court of appeals for comrade Giannis Dimitrakis. The sentence after the fusions is 12,5 years of imprisonment (less than the 35 years he got at the first trial). All together he was found guilty for the robbery in the national bank on Solonos str, (7 years imprisonment), guilty for mental support in the attempted homicide of the guard of the bank (6 years imprisonment), guilty for participating in a gang (4 years imprisonment), guilty for using a gun (2 years imprisonment). He was not recognized with mitigations but with the fusion of the sentences the final sentence is 12.5 years. The sentence he has to serve is 3/5 so Giannis Dimitrakis has to serve 7.5 years. He has already served almost 5 years. The room was full of supporters, that burst out in slogans and clapping after the announcement of the decision. The presence of the cops was discreet without EKAM (greek special forces) and masked ones as at previous trials. The speeches and points made of the defence lawyers were remarkable and they didn‘t speak of a „victory“ ofcourse but for a „proportional sentence that corresponds the charges“ The comrade was led again to prison with his fists raised and in the next days he is expected to be led to Domokos prison from the prisons of Koridallos where he was kept temporarily for the trial.“



Rote Hilfe Soli/Benefit Double CD!

Its taken a while, but finally it has arrived! This benefit sampler for the „Rote Hilfe,“ produced by Fire and Flames Music and Jump Up, reads like a whos who of political music. Two CDs, and 40 songs from artists such as Microphone Mafia, Irie Revoltes, Kettcar, Rogue Steady Orchestra, Brigada Flores Magon, Juri Gagarin, Kapelle Vorwärts, Brixton Cats, Kurzer Prozess, Keny Arkana, The Movement, Esther Bejarano, Ernst Busch, Turbostaat, Jeunesse Apatride, Goldenenen Zitronen, Bernadette La Hengst, Lukas Sherfey, Alec Empire, Saalschutz, ZSK, Mono and Nikitaman, Fermin Muguruza, Chaoze One/Lotta C, Obrint Pas, Chumbawamba, and more!

The booklet contains a detailed history of the „Rote Hilfe,“ as well as lyrics to all the songs.

Stoppt die Vorratsdatenspeicherung! Jetzt klicken & handeln!Willst du auch bei der Aktion teilnehmen? Hier findest du alle relevanten Infos und Materialien: