Opcio K-95 „Reneix“ LP and Zartako „Primero Nosotros“ CD… Out Now on Fire and Flames Music

Opcio K-95, „Reneix“ LP

Zartako, „Primero Nosotros“ Live CD

In the case of OPCIO K-95, after over four years, Barcelonas longest standing, finest, and most engaged streetpunk/oi bands is back with another production! These are melodic, anthemic, and powerful songs played excellently. If you have somehow managed to not yet have heard of this band, which is after all by now one of the longest standing antifascist oi/streetpunk bands around, please dont take our word for it, listen for yourselves below. The vinyl LP comes with a printed sleeve!

ZARTAKO on the other hand marks a new addition to the Fire and Flames family, not only as a band, but also musically. This is yet another new direction, in the form of antifascist NYC style hardcore from Bilbao. This live CD excellently captures the power, intensity, and rage of this band. It is furthermore an excellent and clean recording, and the CD comes in a digipack case! For those who want to experience Zartako live not only on your stereo but also in person and for a good cause, they will be playing in Berlin on the 29th of December for RASH Berlin, and in Göttingen on the 30th of December as part of an evening in solidarity with antifascists from Russia (both shows supported by Enraged Minority).

Enough talking, meet the bands:

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