Greece: “Radio revolt” anarchist radio station in Thessaloniki burnt down by fascists

At approximately 23:00 GMT+2 on Tuesday night, the occupied train carriage hosting the anarchist radio station Radio Revolt at the Aristotle University in Thessaloniki was attacked by fascists, who set it on fire. The few people who were in the carriage at the time of the attack are well in their health. According to reports on Athens IMC, fire brigade units in the area refused to intervene. The carriage has been destroyed completely.

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Edit: Further Informations…

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

As reported last night, Radio Revolt, the anarchist radio station in Thessaloniki, has been burnt down in a fascist-led attack. According to information received so far:

- the fascists wanted their attack to have victims, as they unsuccessfully tried to trap people in the train wagon before setting it alight.
- the fire-brigade refused to aid, in co-ordination and communication with the university authorities and the police who were quick to approach the perimeter of the university.
- a roma man who happened to be outside the wagon at the time of the attack has been attacked and injured by the fascists.

This is a very serious attack – more information will be posted here once available. Radio Revolt will be issuing a statement later today, which will be translated and posted here.

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