New Feine Sahne Fischfilet CD/LP, Release Concert in Demmin (eh?!)

One of the BRDs finest and most travel happy antifascist bands, our friends from Feine Sahne Fischfilet, are releasing their new CD/LP „Wut im Bauch, Trauer im Herzen“ this Friday.

True to their spirit they have chosen to make a cultural/political happening out the event, by hosting their release concert in the small town of Demming…most commonly known for either absolutely nothing (where?) or Nazi activity. You can read more about the town, the idea, and the bands background here. Below, the flyer and program.

Definitely a support worthy and positive concept, if it wasnt so damned terribly far, we would definitely be there!

PS And again for the „people wearing Fire and Flames clothing“ category….


PPS You can read more about this, and other interesting news from the very fine house of Diffidati Records…here There is even a Zartako video! :-)

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