Best/Worst Dressed Demonstrator + Bremen Demo and Netherlands Squatting Actions

This picture, from the demonstration on Saturday against the 20 Years of German Reunification celebrations was definitely our smile of the day yesterday. The picture is actually from the mainstream press, for the version here though, without faces…

(although, even if it made us happy, we still do suggest good old plain black for demonstrations)

Aside from that, well over 2.000 people at the demonstration, making it a relative success as far as the mobilization aspect is concerned. The much expected conflicts with the state and its dogs, I mean pigs, emmm…police did not materialize. The demonstration was accompanied by an equal number of police, once again proving the sadly obvious (as was the case most recently in Göttingen with the demonstration on the 20th anniversary of „Conny“s death) that even the most intense mobilizations of the autonomous and radical left in todays reality do not lead to a situation where it is possible to create situations of „unmediated rupture“ and direct confrontation with the state in an effective manner. Nevertheless, some impressions of the demo…

Otherwise, in the Netherlands, at the demonstrations against the new law forbidding squatting…


The demo…

The confrontation with the cops.


1 Antwort auf „Best/Worst Dressed Demonstrator + Bremen Demo and Netherlands Squatting Actions“

  1. 1 redskin 05. Oktober 2010 um 13:34 Uhr

    nice pictureshow from bremen with a good fireworkaction from the ug-guys and girls:

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