Adventures in Metz: A Night with the Snakes

Those of you who have been following the plot here will remember the infamous hyena encounter in South Africa, and thus know that wildlife is not my forte, to put it mildly. My least favorite of all wildlife is by far snakes. Evil, freakish looking, slithering, poisonous, horrible Earth monsters of which I am deathly afraid (as far as I know, my only animal phobia).

After sleeping for several hours in the car after the show on Friday night, our host finally comes to take us to her house (ca. 7:00 am). We arrive, and just before entering she asks „none of you are afraid of snakes are you?“ Me thinking this a poor joke, cracked a tired smile and responded with „actually Im deathly afraid of them.“ Promptly…“oh, because I have *some.*“

And right on cue the door is opened and right in front of me is a white python. Facing my irrational fears, I stare at it and decide that, it being in a box and me sleeping in another room, I can deal with this. „Is this the only one?“ I ask innocently. The answer, surprised laughter and „ummm, turn around.“ And dont you know it, behind me there was a WALL FULL OF SNAKES!!! All in there „boxes,“ but still…at least five of them, maybe more.

A few deep breaths later, in the safety of our room and with the door closed, I decide to just try to relax and sleep, despite the murderous monsters on the other side of the door. Unfortunate though that, in my irrational fear, every time I heard the slightest sound I was about as alert as hunted prey ready to defend its life to the last consequences. With the hyena at least the danger was real, but hey…it wouldnt be a phobia if it wasnt irrational.

Fast forward to next day. We wake up and leave the house, not after discovering the mouse farm in the kitchen next to the refrigerator! Our host had left a few hours earlier. Upon arrival at the concert venue, she informs us that she left the house two hours later than planned. Why? Because she had LOST one of the snakes somewhere in the house!!!!

I survived bravely and quietly, but after the concert on Saturday, despite it being 04:00 am and a 500 km drive, we chose to not spend another night in an episode of „Urban Crocodile Hunter.“

Conclusion: Animals suck.

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