Stuttgart 21: Massive Police Violence, Solidarity Demonstration in Göttingen

Police attacked a several thousand person strong blockade in Stuttgart today. The people were protesting against the „S21″ project which aims to tear down a section of the existing main train station and replace it with a, very expensive, underground one. In this case concretely they were defending a city park and its trees from being felled to further construction of the project.

Police attacked the non-violent blockade, consisting of young people, students, and generally „ordinary citizens“ with water cannons and pepper spray. Unconfirmed reports speak of hundreds of injuries, several people with broken bones, and even one person as young as 8 years old injured. The worst of it is a man who had his eyes shot out by a water cannon (image here , but caution very graphic).

Demonstrations in solidarity with the demonstrators took place across Germany this evening. In Göttingen approximately 50 people demonstrated. A complete report (in German) can be found at Monsters of Göttingen.

(Image: Monsters of Göttingen)

At some point during the evening a police car had its windows smashed. This resulted in a „anquatschversuch“ aimed at an alleged demonstration participant on behalf of a local plainclothes cop. As the saying goes…Nobody Talks, Everybody Walks.

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