This Weekend: Antiauthoritarian Festival Salonika, Rock Gegen Rechts Einbeck, „Out of Control“ Bloc in Berlin

In the parallel world not dicated by constant injuries and surgeries we would be here now:

The event is organized by the friends of AK Salonika (full program in English here. Not only does it promise a good weekend, but we would have also „commemorated“ the 11th of September in finest form at a demonstration to greet the Prime Minister of Greece.

Alas, injury has forbidden the trip, and so many of us will be found at the Fire and Flames table here…

(Ummmm….we are very very sorry about the aesthetic crime that this poster represents.)

And of course, for the rest of you we suggest:

Stoppt die Vorratsdatenspeicherung! Jetzt klicken & handeln!Willst du auch bei der Aktion teilnehmen? Hier findest du alle relevanten Infos und Materialien: