General Strike, Round 2 on 23.9

The general strike in France can be considered a success, with well over 2 million people on the streets countrywide. The defense of the retirement system is not only important in regards to the tangible effects on the lives of workers. It is also on principle a bastion to be defended to the last consequences. On the one hand Sarkozys reform is an attack on one of the few aspects of life under the capitalist system which are organized on the principle of solidarity. On the other, its already bad enough to be forced to waste away the best years of your life with wage slavery, but at least in France one is freed from this torture at a relatively young age. The attempts to extend the amount of years until retirement is nothing more than the attempt to force the mass of the population to work until they die. We can only hope that this movement continues to grow, and that the mainstream unions dont capitulate as usual leaving their members to cope with the consequences.

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