Assorted Nr. 25, Wild Mix:

In no particular order…

*The good friends at Crimethinc have recently released a very interesting new text, definitely worth your time.

*In the land of the free, it is now apparently perfectly legal for the government to track your moves with GPS, without the permission of a court of any sort. When I first read the title, I thought it was the usual leftist exaggeration. You can now read about it on „Time“ magazines website, and the title is „The Government Can Use GPS to Track Your Moves.“ Scary.

*Speaking of scary, since the post-surgery bed rest period has converted me into something like the eye in the sky of the internet (in that I see *everything*), here is something that, while scary, you definitely need to see:

Your band is terrible, and thats certainly OK. But….recording it and putting it on Youtube??!!

*Surgery: Was this week. I survived. Now I have three screws in my big toe, putting the total in the right foot/ankle at 21! And maybe Im getting really desperate in the search for a silver lining here, but this „extra“ surgery means that the next, and final, surgery to remove the metal workshop from my ankle will be Lucky Number 7! (As in, 7th surgery).

*In the „kind of interesting, kind of bizarre“ category, here is the indoor football team of the Russian Communist Party, currently in second division. There is of course a long tradition of parties and popular organizations having their own sporting teams, but notice the brand that clothes them and some of the sponsors! I know that the Russian CP is about as reactionary as can be, but still…Id kill for that jersey.

Russiand friends: whoever can get us that jersey gets a shopping spree at Fire and Flames!

On the other hand, ugliest jersey ever, from a French Rugby team. Immediate eye cancer….

*Just discovered „Saga,“ Swedish Nazi rock with a less frightening image. Aside from a whole slew of „ballads“ about race, nation, ancestry, and so forth there is even a three album „Tribute to Skrewdriver.“ Basically Skrewdriver goes female fronted soft rock. Here is „European Dream,“ enjoy…

The question one might ask is, how do the good people at Fire and Flames stumble on to such Nazi garbage? Simple, the video is prominently placed on the *personal* Myspace page of ex-Tolbiac Toads guitarist. For those who may not know, Tolbiac Toads was *the* fascist skinhead band in France in late 80s and early 90s. We were reminded of the Tolbiac Toads because of this picture on Oire Szene:

Yes, it is Sebi from Stomper 98 again. But dont worry, without even knowing the answer we can tell you the very logical explanation….“I just like it for the music,“ and „somebody came by, put the shirt on me real fast and took this picture without me realizing. It could happen to anyone…“

*Even though Sizzla cancelled, the reasons given by the festival organizers and their dealing with the issue were less than ideal, so we wanted to still promote the following kündgebung. A little late, sorry…

*Next week, two Fire and Flames tables…some of us will be in Oberhausen at the Libertäre Medienmesse, and others will be at Schanzenfest. Be there (and in Dortmund!) and come visit!

*Tonight…20:30, Atlanta vs Flandria. You are all very excited, I know…

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