Barricata Nr. 21 (Summer 2010)

Latest edition of what is consistently hands down the best RASH/Redskin fanzine around. And that said, neither „Redskins“ nor „fanzine“ are really the right categorizations for it. On the one hand, it has long taken the step from „fanzine“ to „magazine“…print run of several thousands, well laid out, and appearing regularly every three months.

Furthermore, although it is born from the Redskin scene, the choice of subjects, the diversity of the bands interviewed and reviewed, and the general broad spectrum of topics it covers make it a worthwhile read for anybody with an interest in left wing politics.

The summary of this issue:

- Apéro saucisson-pinard : une manipulation réussie
- Peut-on critiquer Israël ?
- Didier Bernard des Conti, un combat pour la dignité ouvrière
- Les Skalopes passent sur le grill
- La dope : toujours au service du pouvoir
- Interview de Joke
- Dossier : Femmes, debout ! (30 pages !)
(La lutte des femmes de People & Baby, Un questionnaire nous questionne,
Interview de Sharon Woodward, les Communeuses, interview de Martine Storti,
interview de Corinne du Planning Familial, Les Mujeres Libres,
Quand je dis oui, c‘est oui, mais quand je dis non, c‘est non)
- Histoire : Erich Mühsam
- Interview de The Midnight Rovers
- David Morgan Thomas, un romancier social
- interview de Strike Anywhere
- Stratégie de paix : rap conscient
- Interview de Napalm Death
- Chroniques de livres, zines, disques

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