Peace and Love Time is Over, Back to Futbol as War: Atlanta Season Begins!

Yes, it was all nice and good and fine at the World Cup, but the magic spell is over and its time to get back to the futbol we know and love. Where every game is a possible warzone and you never know what new scandals and fiascos await. The part about the warzone is of course no longer the case, as visiting fans arent allowed at lower division games in Argentina since at least three years now. A brutal violation of the most basic human rights in my opinion, but a situation very beneficial to the pockets of most smaller clubs, and so sadly unlikely to change soon.

With Atlanta, a classic neighborhood team from Villa Crespo, our latest venture into third division began 11 long years ago. Our final day in second division was against Quilmes (now in first), and all we had to do was not lose. We lost 5-0, broke everything, had a vicious fight with the police, and were relegated.

I also remember saying back then something to the extent of „well, one year in third division isnt so bad. Well see some new stadiums and come right back.“ Its been a VERY long year, and now we dont even get to go to other stadiums.

Yesterday, Atlanta won 1-0, lets hope the season ends the way it did in 1995, the last time we went up to second division…

2 Antworten auf „Peace and Love Time is Over, Back to Futbol as War: Atlanta Season Begins!“

  1. 1 Livornesi 27. Juli 2010 um 0:41 Uhr

    one question…Why you say it is for the clubs economy better without visiting fans?

  2. 2 Administrator 27. Juli 2010 um 16:57 Uhr

    Its very simple. In Argentina, or at least in Buenos Aires, every single club (doesnt matter how small or insignificant) has at least 30/50 barras/hooligans (usually more). And because all the games are in or around Buenos Aires, they ALL go to EVERY game, and they all hate everybody else.

    This means that even in a fourth or fifth division game with maybe 200 fans in total in the stadium, you still need about 100 cops, which the clubs have to pay for. So in many cases (most even) the home team LOSES money on home games because of the cost of the police services.

    No away fans, very few police, much cheaper.

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