Argentina Legalizes Equal Marriage Rights („Gay Marriage“)

Argentina yesterday became the first Latin American country to legalize gay marriage, or to better phrase it „guarantee equal rights to marriage to all its citizens“. Clearly, this is positive in that it eliminates this aspect of sexuality based discrimination. That said, its the acquisition of a right which it would be great if less people made use of in general.

Regardless, if the Argentine Catholic church is against it, chances are Im for it. And thousands of people in front of the congress in Buenos Aires yesterday chanting „IGLESIA, BASURA, VOS SOS LA DICTADURA“ (Church, Garbage, you are/represent the dictatorship) was certainly the smile of my day. Less pleasant of course the stream of reactionary bile spewed forth by obscurantists of all kinds yesterday as a result of the passing of the law. Particularly unpleasant…Catholic schools even urged their students to go to congress and protest, not counting their absence as a day away from school.

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