Grocery Shopping, (Greek) Anarchist Style…and Money Burning!

The expropriation and redistribution of food items has a long and strong tradition in the radical left, yet in few places does it still constitute „common“ practice. One of these precious exceptions is Greece, where anarchist have over the last several years repeatedly carried out mass „moneyless shopping“ at supermarkets, then proceeded to place the expropriated goods at crowded open air markets for people to take for free.

The following is a video of such an action, carried out extremely well. Enough people to be numerous, but not so many as to complicate matters. Effective and calm, even with a person matter of factly explaining the „who, what, why“ to employees and „shoppers.“ And finally of course, quick.

What makes this action even slightly more out of the ordinary is that, in order to combat the possible misconception that this is a vanguardist act, carried out by an enlightenend minority performing an act of charity on the „masses,“ the comrades clearly state in the accompanying statement that the expropriated goods are for their own consumption.

Finally, and quite spectacularly, they proceed (as they previously announced) to empty the cash registers and set the money on fire, in a symbolic (or not so) action against these pieces of paper which so arbitrarily rule our lives. Rounding off this A+ quality political action, they even take the time to note that they are of course not opposed to money expropriated being used to finance anarchist activities and struggles, but rather simply chose to make a statement by burning the money on this particular ocassion.

And speaking of shopping, here it is done backwards with the „Anarchist Action Figure“! Instead of going into a store and taking items from the shelves, going into a store and putting items *on* the shelves. We used to get tired of doing exactly this placing „Northeastern Anarchist“ and „Barricada“ in bookstores around Boston. Then the big bookstore chain started carrying „Northeastern Anarchist“……voluntarily. I have to admit to being somewhat disappointed.


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