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Repression in Flensburg – Durchsuchung wegen Black Mosquito Aufkleber

The German police state in its ridiculous brilliance. A house raided because of an „illegal“ sticker….

# Prozess nach Übergriff auf Flensburger Hausprojekt im Dezember 2008 endet mit einer Einstellung (gegen Bußgeld)

# Vor dem Prozess durchsucht die Polizei Räumlichkeiten bei einem der Angeklagten, der in dem Hausprojekt wohnt

# Dabei wird ein Aufkleber Motiv von dem anarchistischen Mailorder ‚Black Mosquito‘ kriminalisiert


Solidarity with Alvaro! Antifascism and Self-Defense Are No Crimes!

The International Confederation RASH UNITED, which gathers hundreds of sections worldwide, with thousands of active militants, express full support and solidarity to comrade Alvaro Paredes, member on BAF Quito, Ecuador. First of all we send him a support greeting; we are already in knowledge of his confession to authorities which take place on May 31, same day of the elaboration of this statement. Same how we express full solidarity and support to Ecuador’s antifascist movement, we remind you that you’re not alone, we are currently working with all type of organizations (social, political, etc) to denounce all the cases where these neo-Nazi groups have been involved, attacking with impunity the social movement.

We also ask to the international community to have pronunciations about this, our comrade Alvaro acted in self defense when 4 neo-Nazis were attacking him after chasing him outside his study place. (There is full evidence of these facts) – Alvaro was being subjected to this persecution daily until all the facts that we all know took place.

We, the antifascist of the world are not criminals, nor murderers, we act under self defense and we use it only as a last resource when our life is in danger, like the case of our comrade in Ecuador and other cases in the rest of the world.

Rash United urgently calls on all sections and all its members in the world to mobilize organizations into Ecuadorian embassies in each country where they are present and make a formal complaint to be heard clearly by the responsible of these embassies. This way, we are going to make direct pressure so the case of our comrade Alvaro takes another direction different than the one the media is trying to make currently, like a gang fight and this cannot be further away of true. These are selective attacks of right wing groups with the economic help of Ecuador’s paramilitary organizations.

Here we give some links of this “fascist” groups in Ecuadot to be reported to the embassies:

Also this link of a video made by a neo-Nazi group to which the deceased belonged, and which was allegedly an angel – look at this.

(this video, and two above, are not viewable in Germany because of „terms of use violations in your country,“ most likely lots of sieg heiling and swastica waving)

Finally we appeal to all the Anti-Fascist Brigades of the world to show solidarity with Álvaro, it is time to show our support in this rough moments. Remember that any of us could be victim of paramilitary movements of this kind because they abound in the streets of every city.

Also to the Coordinadoras Antifascistas of all the world to manifest in the same way, to the comrades of Accion Antifascista and in general to all the social movement that have knowledge of this cases long time ago.

Comrade Alvaro Paredes is a political prisoner because he defended himself from the clutches of the puppets of fascism that wanted to exterminate him. Self defense is not a crime, is a tool with which human beings defend ourselves.


Czech Republic, Force Attack, and Office Work (New Music!)

Geworked wird hier auch noch, crazy….

The glorious travelling stand just returned from Czech Rep. after presence at Mighty Sounds and Fluff. As I type, other brave souls are on their way to the yearly purging of all our sins…Force Attack!

Meanwhile, to better deal with the guilt of not going, the office division has also been at work. In no particular order…

*New CDs online:

„Viento, Lucha, y Sol“ from BANDA BASSOTTI is no longer precisely new, but it is still the most recent studio album of the band, and as of today new on Fire and Flames. In about a week or two, we should have their latest live CD (double CD!), recorded at SO36 in Kreuzberg.

THE OFFENDERS, are one of the finest ska bands around these days and „Hooligan Reggae,“ their debut album has just been re-released, together with a new miniCD titled „Anthems from the Gutter.“

The latest releases from the excellent house of Twisted Chords have also recently found their way to us online. Antifascist hip-hop in CD form from PYRO ONE and in LP format from SCHLAGZEILN. Last but certainly not least, Göttingens BALBOA BURNOUT in
CD and LP .

Also not new, but certainly worth you spending your money on, the BENEFIT CD FOR THE STRASBOURG PRISONERS/PROSECUTED .
Two CDs, a million songs, tons of good bands, and a very worthy cause.

*On the literature front, we have re-ordered ROLLING THUNDER issues 7, 8, and 9, as well as the classic „Tipps und Tricks für Antifas“ pamphlet.

*Finally, there are also some new metal pins. You know you love it.

Peace and Love Time is Over, Back to Futbol as War: Atlanta Season Begins!

Yes, it was all nice and good and fine at the World Cup, but the magic spell is over and its time to get back to the futbol we know and love. Where every game is a possible warzone and you never know what new scandals and fiascos await. The part about the warzone is of course no longer the case, as visiting fans arent allowed at lower division games in Argentina since at least three years now. A brutal violation of the most basic human rights in my opinion, but a situation very beneficial to the pockets of most smaller clubs, and so sadly unlikely to change soon.

With Atlanta, a classic neighborhood team from Villa Crespo, our latest venture into third division began 11 long years ago. Our final day in second division was against Quilmes (now in first), and all we had to do was not lose. We lost 5-0, broke everything, had a vicious fight with the police, and were relegated.

I also remember saying back then something to the extent of „well, one year in third division isnt so bad. Well see some new stadiums and come right back.“ Its been a VERY long year, and now we dont even get to go to other stadiums.

Yesterday, Atlanta won 1-0, lets hope the season ends the way it did in 1995, the last time we went up to second division…

„Fire and Flames! A Militant Report on G20 Resistance“

How can we possibly resist the urge to share something with such a charming name with you? Click to download the PDF Fire and Flames!
A Militant Report on Toronto Anti-G20 Resistance

Thirty two pages filled with background, political context, participant reports, tactical tips, and for the shallow ones amongst us…dont worry, more than enough pictures.

Of course, we explicitly wish to distance ourselves from any positive references to scandalously illegal actions or blatant breaking of laws. We post this simply for informational purposes.

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