South Africa World Cup Nr. 4: Interview with Hinchadas Unidas Argentinas about Repression in South Africa and Video of the „Disturbances“

Almost 4 am, still awake, unable to sleep due to pre-game excitement (as usual), and have to be waking up in about 5 hours. We took it easy today, but its been a pretty agitated day in Pretoria with the deportations, raids, and so forth.

For those who dont speak Spanish, the following video is interesting just to see all the banners, flags, etc. of the different Argentine teams in Pretoria. If you do speak spanish, its interesting because they interview some people from Hinchadas Unidas Argentinas who say some pretty logical things about why they are being monitored, harassed, and deported in South Africa. Its then followed by an interview with a police investigator who states, among other things, that the amount of Argentine barras at this World Cup is not particularly higher than in 1998 or 2006 (I respectfully disagree). Otherwise…Argentine is Nr. 1 in the World Cup deportation table! :-)
(And they finally showed the „disturbances“ that led to the 6 30 am police raid and subsequent deportations, and absolute joke. See for yourselves: )

The flight of the Argentine national team to South Africa. Barrabravas included…

Less serious…Argentine fan cleaning windshields to finance his South Africa stay:

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