South Africa World Cup Nr. 3: More Deportations and Soweto Futbol!

Today the South African cops arrested and deported a further 17 Argentine barrabravas. Apparently, this was for „misbehaving“ during the first game. Interestingly enough, none of the newspapers goes into any further details at all regarding what this „misbehaving“ may have been.

You can read the original article here.

In lighter news, today we spent spreading Latin American magic and talent in a game of street futbol with the local kids in Soweto! Sorry, no pictures for the public. :-)

PS At the entrance to the, very appropriately named, „The Shack“ bar in Soweto…

2 Antworten auf „South Africa World Cup Nr. 3: More Deportations and Soweto Futbol!“

  1. 1 la 12 presente 17. Juni 2010 um 2:56 Uhr

    there are now another 20 people, Boca fans, who are at the airport. it looks like they will be deported tomorrow.

    here is a good interview with some people from hinchadas unidas argentinas. it seems the cops and the afa know that peace between fans means the end of their business, and the end of the excuses for getting the passion out of the stadiums.

  2. 2 la 12 presente 17. Juni 2010 um 2:58 Uhr
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