South Africa: „Solo quien comparte mi pasion, comprende mi locura“

(Only „in Argentina.“ Today, at Argentina – Nigeria…the stadiums elite suites, all occupied by Argentine barrabravas.)

South Africa. Thats where I am, and no, the timing is no coincidence. We all have our vices in life. Some of you smoke, others get drunk, others take drugs and get themselves wasted beyond reason. I suffer from episodic (every 4 years) bouts of Argentinas futbol team fanaticism. Dont get me wrong, like any respectable Argentine futbol fan, normally I view games of the „national team“ as nothing more than a frustrating diversion from Racing and Atlanta, and a time where in Argentina all kinds of fools who know nothing of futbol suddenly think themselves experts.

But the World Cup is different. The World Cup is an obsession. To be there, to win it…nothing else matters. It is so much so that it is also the only scenario in which Argentine barrabravas of all different clubs are together in the same stadium and dont take the opportunity to start large scale battles with one another. And I do mean *only* occasion, as otherwise Argentina games are famous for being the backdrop for barrabrava clashes.

Accident and subsequent financial crises once put in doubt my presence at this (my fourth) world cup, but passion knows nothing of reason, or of economics for that matter. Tickets: one has contacts in Racing and AFA…no problem. Check. Housing: one gets around, has contacts…we sleep in a woode cottage in the garden of an old friend of mine. For free, and „peace to the cottage, war to the palace“ never sounded so relevant in my life. Gets kind of cold in the evenings, but I couldnt really care much less. Check. This left only plane tickets to buy. So, when 28 days before the start of the World Cup, the option was paying taxes or booking the cheap flight Frankfurt – Amsterdam – Nairobi – Johannesburg….the choice was clear! There will always be time for financial problems and poverty later, but the World Cup is now!

Today at Argentina – Nigeria there was probably somewhere in the vicinity of 400 barras, and a further several hundred ummm….fans who fall somewhere between „normal fan“ and barrabrava/hooligan. All in all something like 10 000 Argentines. From an Atlanta/Racing perspective, sometimes rather unpleasant as there were really hordes of barrabravas from classic enemies of ours like Tigre, All Boys, Independiente, and so forth. But we are doing our best to „represent“ despite our small numbers. At least no Racing hincha/barra gets photographed looking like this, running from journalists, while *holding hands* with the „leader“ of another clubs barrabravas („Pillin“ from Central), after being deported from South Africa…

But back to the actual subject, now that the news is out, I apologize in advance for the coming avalanche of Argentina futbol crazed youtube videos, drunken „reports“ from South Africa, overexcited posts blurted out in spurts of post-game emotion, and any other possibly embarassing actions of the coming thirty days. And, much like when I am in Argentina, I realize now again that I have little to no time or energy to blog about life when it is exciting. So indeed, my „journalism“ over the next hopefully 30 days (because, make no mistake…no Argentina, no more World Cup) will be limited to the aforementioned overexcited blurts and half-drunken post game rambles.

Lets start here…

The players, post-qualification….

Its all peace and love and happy happy at the world cup, and Im fine with that. Brazilians we dont really like, but its more of a friendly rivarly. The British on the other hand…the sight of an England jersey really inspires a lot of raw agression in me. Maybe its an ingrained nationalism, but mainly its just a clash of the arrogants. They *think* that they are the best/toughest fans in the world, and this enrages me because it is so blatantly wrong. After the 1986 World Cup, Argentine barrabravas were showing England flags in Argentine stadiums for years. And in 1998, the alliance Argentines/North african youths was way too much for them. I can only hope we meet again…I havent gone banner hunting in a long time!! And if this fool is any reference, it shouldnt be hard work….


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