Fire and Flames Festival 2010, The Roundup: Press, Pictures, Anecdotes…

The 5th edition of the Fire and Flames festival (Göttingen edition) is now history, and after several 20 plus hour days, one over 24 hour day, and incredibly unhealthy amounts of Mate, coffee, and Red Bull we are slowly but surely regaining the capacity to function as normal humans again. In my case, despite the avalanche of packages, phone calls, emails, and other nightmares that have piled up, I am at least capable again of writing in relatively coherent sentences. Therefore, here is a completely disorganized, but certainly informative and hopefully entertaining, summary of anecdotes, press, and pictures from the weekend.

*First and foremost a great big thank you to the slightly over 800 guests who attended over the course of the two days. As „Niedersachsens most significant left-wing extremist concert organizers“ (thanks verfassungsschutz!) we have a reputation to maintain, and weekends like this certainly show the continuing relevance of our concept!

*Just as big a thank you is of course in order for the other two groups of people who make the festivals succcess possible: the bands, and of course the many people who help out over the course of the two days. No Crew, No Festival! :-)

*The printed edition of the local police departments press agency (otherwise known by its street name „Göttinger Tageblatt“) included a quite positive article on the festival in its Monday edition. Including this fine picture of Two Strikes on stage…

*Irie Revoltes, whose support of the Fire and Flames festival, Fire and Flames as a project, and radical politics in general we are extremely thankful for, already posted a video of the Fire and Flames festival on Irie Revoltes TV.

We quote from Irie Revoltes facebook page:
Der Sonntag neigt sich dem Ende zu und ab morgen gilt wieder „travailler, travailler, travailller“.. Grund genug in Erinnerung an den gestrigen Abend zu schwelgen. Denn das Fire and Flames Festival in Göttingen war phänomenal! Vielen Dank auch an die Vernstalter!!

*The ALI of course always do great press work. You can read a summary of the weekend, including the „antifascist city tour“ here.

A highlight from their press release:
Absurde Züge trug der Polizeieinsatz anlässlich der antifaschistischen Stadtrallye. Scheinbar um auf „alle Gefahrenlagen“ vorbereitet zu sein, wurde erneut ein Großaufgebot der Polizei nach Göttingen verlegt. Der mobile Charakter der Stadtrallye überforderte sodann aber manchen Polzeibeamten aus Hannover, dem mit Stadtplänen in den Händen die Fragezeichen im Gesicht standen. Ihren Frust über die unübersichtliche Lage und den unkonfrontativen Verlauf des Nachmittags verliehen die Staatsdiener auf der ihnen ganz eigenen Art und Weise Ausdruck: Jugendliche wurden für illegales Rauchen oder für „bei rot (!) über die Ampel gehen“ mit 5 Euro Ordnungsgeldern belegt. Den Vogel schoss jedoch eine Beamtin im Kampfanzug am Rande der Kundgebung vor der Ausländerbehörde im Kreishaus ab. Sie fühlte sich offenbar von einem Luftballon-Hund eines 2-jährigen Kindes bedroht und zerstörte des Spielzeug. „Nach unseren Erkenntnissen wurde keine Festnahme vorgenommen und auch kein Strafverfahren eingeleitet“, kommentierte die A.L.I.-Sprecherin das peinliche Polizeiverhalten kopfschüttelnd.

*Ok, it wasnt here, it was there, but Friday night in Göttingen wasnt THAT much different, just that because indoors…less flares, more flags! :-)

*Pictures: A couple of favorites, you can view the rest here.

*Anecdotes, in no particular order, but some damned good ones this year…

-One band arrived particularly late, and somewhat stressed, for their showing at the festival. Why? Apparently a „relationship conflict“ between the drummer and his partner, in which said partner stormed off with the car…with drumset inside!!!

-One member of a friendly band we are particularly fond of had a little too much to drink. Wandering off outside, he noticed a party in a basement connected to the building of the festival. Assuming that this party was *part of the festival* he first proceeded to friendlily and jokingly harass the huge security guy at the door („bist auch eigentlich zecke, nee?“). He then proceeded to declare that he would get his laptop and DJ a bit. Security guy: „hast du es mit Danny abgesprochen?“ Our drunken friend: „Danny, ja natürlich…“
So imagine our surprise when he comes back, gets his laptop, and marches into the party headed directly to the DJ table. Sadly, before he could start playing „tic tac toe“ and other greats, „Danny“ showed up, asked him who the fuck he was, what the fuck he was doing there, and to please get the fuck out.

-Surprising was also the arrival at around opening time on Saturday of 5 very well dressed women aged in their middle 50s or 60s. They had driven from Bremerhaven for the festival, and were already in possession of tickets! After realizing that they had confused *Deutsches* Theater with *Junges* Theater when buying their tickets, they gifted them to some kids standing outside and left. :-)

Theres much more, but I have neither the time nor the inclination to continue. Thanks again and see you all next year!

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  1. 1 tottsky 03. Juni 2010 um 22:12 Uhr

    hört sich großartig an. danke für euer engagement! nächstes jahr bin ich dabei, wie vor 3 jahren in frankfurt… weiter so!

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