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Fire and Flames Festival Göttingen 2010, 28/29.5 – Tickets Online Now!

Since the Germans are out driving to the anarchist bookfair in Belgium, Fire and Flames South American division also tries to show that we too contribute to the common good. So….

The 5th annual Fire and Flames Festival, organized by Fire and Flames Music together with the ALI is being held in Göttingen at the Junges Theater on Friday and Saturday 28/29.5

The important infos…


Los Fastidios (Streetpunk, Italy)
The Class War Kids (Melodic Politpunk, Canada)
Feine Sahne Fischfilet (Skapunk, Rostock)
Estrepito Banditos (Skapunk, Niedersachsen)

Irie Revoltes (Reggaehiphopskadancehallexplosion, Heidelberg)
Opcio K-95 (Oi, Catalunya)
From the Depths (From Melodic to Crust, USA)
Two Strikes (Skapunk, Göttingen)

Doors open on both days at 20:00, and the concert begins at 20:30 sharp!

-Wochenend Ticket VVK: 20,00€
-Freitagskarte VVK: 11,00€, Abendkasse: 13,00€
-Samstagskarte VVK: 12,00€, Abendkasse: 14,00€

You can buy tickets online here.

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