The Class War Kids and From the Depths on Tour!

Here are the show dates. There are of course more, but these are the 100% confirmed ones. That said, if you are interested in helping us fill some empty dates we would be very happy to hear from you (Germany in late May and Germany plus Southern Europe on scattered dates in June). Good music, nice people! :-)

30.4 Hannover at UJZ Korn + From the Depths
01.05 Prague at AFA Fest (Outdoor)
02.05 Berlin at Koma F + From the Depths
04.05 Halle at Reil78 + From the Depths
05.05 Guetersloh at Weberei + From the Depths / Star Fucking Hipsters
06.05 Castrop-Rauxel at Bahia de Cochinos + From the Depths
07.05 Metz at Cafe Jean dArc + From the Depths
08.05 Dijon at Les Tanneries + Les Slupoi, Gilbert et Ses Problemes, and more…
16.05 Paris at CICP + Guarapita
19.05 Freiburg at KTS
21.5 Muenchen at Kafe Marat
22.5 Schwaebisch Gmund at JUZ Esperanza
28.5 Goettingen at FF Festival + Los Fastidios, Feine Sahne Fischfilet, and more
29.5 Nuernberg at Fight Back Festival + Los Fastidios, Feine Sahne Fischfilet, and more
02.06 Kiel at Alte Meierei + From the Depths
03.06 Copenhagen at Dortheavej 61 (Ungdomshuset Dortheavej) + From the Depths
09.06 Rostock
10.6 Oberhausen at Druckluft
18.6 Leverkusen at KAW + Re-Opening Festival
26.6 Cremona (IT) at Anfibio Festival + Argies, Klasse Kriminale, and more

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