Assorted Nr. 21: First of May (Berlin + Prague), VS Supports Fire and Flames, „Debate“ Argentina Style, and Random Mix…

*Berlin First of May, „Beats Against Racism“ Stage Cancelled
While the decision of the first of May „Beats Against Racism“ stage organizers saddens us because it means the cancellation of a very positive event which we were happy to support in the past years and this one as well, we find their reasons more than correct. To find out the details, read their statement.
That said:

We will be in Prague with the Class War Kids at AFA Fest.

VS Supports Fire and Flames
Several people have sent us the following excerpt from the latest „Verfassungsschutz“ report (VS is something like the German equivalent of the FBI):

„„Fire and Flames“ ist in Niedersachsen der bedeutendste Veranstalter in der linksextremistischen Musikszene. Es führte in der Vergangenheit mehrfach Konzerte in Göttingen durch, vorrangig im Zusammenhang mit Protestveranstaltungen gegen rechtsextremistische Kundgebungen. Die dabei erzielten Einnahmen dienen zumindest teilweise der Mobilisierung. Bands wie „FuckFX“ treten neben Gruppen wie „Atemnot“ aus Bayern auf, die in ihren Texten „Feuer und Flamme für den Bullenstaat“ fordern.“

Rough translation: Fire and Flames is the most significant concert organizer in the left-wing extremist music scene. It organized in the past repeated concerts in Goettingen, mainly in relation to extreme right-wing demonstrations. The profits from these concerts serve at least in part the (edit: antifascist) mobilization…..

While this is all very flattering, some corrections….

-Nothing against „FuckFX“ or „Atemnot,“ but as far as I know they have never played one of our concerts.

-If you are going to mention our concert work, then go all the way and mention our outstanding label work!

„Debate“ at the Buenos Aires Bookfair
A bookfair is usually associated with calm, reasonable debates at the numerous presentations. In Argentina, at least this year, its been anything but. On the first day of the bookfair, pro-Cuban activists disrupted (and ended) a presentation by a Cuban dissident:

Not bad, but nothing compared to the chair throwing brawl that erupted the next day at the presentation of a book critical of the governments handling of the state statistics institute (gets really rowdy at about 1:00):

*Documentary on Nazis and the new „far right“ from Al-Jazeera, surprisingly good.

Islamists vs EDL

Totally random, but why not. A CNT demonstration recently in Paris.
As you can see, anarchism and large demonstrations do exist in places outside of the black bloc!

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