Stupid Cops („Harry und Toto“), Victim Cops (GdP), Dangerous Cops (Gun at Snowball Fight)

Fun with cops…

*TV Cops Get Car Smashed While Giving Speech at University

It would be difficult to provide better entertainment: „Toto und Harry,“ two cops with their own television show who run around helping old ladies and getting cats out of trees, held a speech at a university in the city of Bochum. When they returned, they found all the windows of their car smashed and paint thrown inside. Funny enough, but Germanys finest newspaper, BILD, makes it even better with their article about the incident, in which they include a link to another article in which a speaker of the Police Union claims that „todays „chaoten“ are like the RAF“ („chaoten“ is a derogatory term usually used to refer to autonomes).
Hysteria and exaggeration at their best. Every time I read it, the main question Im faced with is: If the radical left in Germany is so strong, so dangerous, so out of control, and so menacing…are we talking about the same Germany?

*Speaking of lawlessness…here are some cops who clearly have trouble understanding the rules of some games. Slowly for the stupid kids here….dont bring your gun to the snowball fight. It just ruins it for the others.

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