Fire and Flames Riotwear Update: The Good (Spring 2010) , The Bad (Winter 2009), and the Damned Stupid (Spring 2009)

Good news, bad news, very interesting news, and mildly interesting news.

*The very good news is that the design work on the Spring collection 2010 is finished, and we are confident that it will mark another increase in the depth and variety of the t-shirt designs Fire and Flames has been presenting. The message remains one and the same, but we are trying to channel it through not only the typical aesthetic forms (although no worries, those are well represented as well) but also ones which are somewhat new to us. This opens us up to reaching new people, and also ensures that we dont die of boredom trying to figure out new ways to write „Antifascist.“ :-)
And because we are excited and dying to share, as soon as the details are worked out, we will begin releasing one design per day on the blog page.

We will begin taking orders approximately mid-march, and the shirts will be available early April.

*The significantly less good news concerns our „Winter“ collection. As you may have noticed, we made lots of designs, and even put them online to show you. Fortunately, we didnt get as far as taking orders from you (except in the case of the „Red Heat Navy“ jacket which was already existing).

To make a long and incredibly frustrating story short…In October we sent our jacket producer a large sum of money in advance representing 50% of the payment for our new jackets. Delivery time was promised to us to be three to four weeks. After three months we still had nothing, and after Fire and Flames almost ceased to exist because of the enormous economic losses that these people created for us we took the very drastic step of threatening with legal action (after months of getting no response to emails or phone calls). As a result of this, we have been returned half of the money we paid, and are still waiting for the other half. As you can imagine, for a distro to be without money *and* without clothes during fall and Christmas time is really really bad.

Making the issue even worse, the people we sent the money to we chose because they are an independent, left-wing project, with production in (western) Europe and good conditions. Sadly, there are thieves and scam artists everywhere.

We are now in the process of sending samples of our jackets to a new factory, and hope to be able to release them together with the new collection and catalog in April or May. Time will tell if this is possible, as sadly our economic situation has become very suddenly very bad due to the jacket fiasco (we still havent even got back all the money we paid!).

-Finally, mildly exciting yet symptomatic of the organizational hell that is Fire and Flames…

*No Justice: For almost a year we wondered why the tshirt was so popular, but nobody ordered the hoodie. Until yesterday (January 2010) we realized that the hoodie was *not online.* Clearly, this made ordering difficult. Anyways…now you can!

*Skinhead Antifascist: Yet another act of brilliance from the collection 2009. As opposed to „No Justice,“ which we had but didnt put online, this hoodie we didnt have…yet put online.
Now, weve connected the dots…not only can you order….but we also have it. Customer service at its best!

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