Public Denunciation

When in Germany, do as the Germans….so its public denunciation time.

I would like to denounce that while the culturalunistudentbonzenelite scum enjoy their evenings in the theater, there are others in this city who are forced to struggle to survive without even so much as a bottle of milk. And so, when you choose to be so generous as to grace us regular folk with the gifts of milk and bread, please be so kind as to bring us…

-Cream Cheese
-Ice Cream
-And much much more.

Furthermore…bad, handtücher, ökomüll, müsli, flur, *einkauf.*
Such a bad, bad, bad citizen. How can you live with your conscience?

1 Antwort auf „Public Denunciation“

  1. 1 weltgeist 19. Januar 2010 um 1:09 Uhr

    opfer. and that should be enough for a fresh and great new scandal in the next weeks, especially if we choose to (as i woul recommend) poltically and emotionally insult each other. and btw.: if you‘ve time enough to blog this: go to kaufland.

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