Dresden 2010: The Great Rock N Roll Swindle…

Rock N Roll, the great and glorious original:

The Racing Stones, part of the greatest terrace in the world:

All great and wonderful. Which is why the use of such imagery by people who are everything except rock and roll is absolutely scandalous (its already bad enough that they appropriated such a good name!):

Still, Id kill for the poster.

That aside, while we are on the subject, „Venceremos“ has sadly nothing positive to offer aside from a nice name, so wed like to extend our critical solidarity to „No Pasaran“ and hereby suggest the links below. Why critical? Because sometimes the tendency to sacrifice left-wing content in order to appease a bunch of „citizens“ can go a bit too far for our tastes, and who wants to see the headlines about the brave citizens of peaceful and modern Germany standing up against the big bad extremists? Thousands of autonomes playing nice in order to stop a demonstration, instead of turning the day into a disaster not only for the Nazis, but also for the police and the German state, is a rather sad prospect.
Nevertheless, No Pasaran is still „the best game in town,“ and the possibility of a more interesting dynamic developing around their activities is definitely there.

2 Antworten auf „Dresden 2010: The Great Rock N Roll Swindle…“

  1. 1 katjusha 26. Januar 2010 um 11:06 Uhr

    ..and who wants to see the headlines about the brave citizens of peaceful and modern Germany standing up against the big bad extremists?

    of course noone does… The question is how to prevent that… and in my opinion best way to do that is the way „no pasaran“ does it by building up a broad coalition including leftwing antifascists, so they can‘t be pushed to side to easily… no guarantee that it’s gonna work but at least there’s the possibility it could


  2. 2 Administrator 26. Januar 2010 um 14:12 Uhr

    I know…I know….if I didnt support the concept (and FF signed the call, and weve been distributing mobimaterial for months) I wouldnt feel the need to complain a bit about it. :-)

    But still, I have some bad memories of Köln last year and 08.05 in Berlin a few years ago, cases where I think sadly we „leftwing antifascists“ were instrumentalized (or even worse, instrumentalized ourselves without any prompting) to create the scenario most beneficial for the status-quo. In Köln for example all the conditions were given for us to give not only the Nazis but also the state a resounding defeat by using the space given to us on that day and creating a scenario that is not easily subsumed into the picture of the good citizens of the democratic state against extremism (briefly summarized: a picture with a lot of broken symbols and things on fire!). Instead, lots of people who are supposed to have other priorities conformed themselves with stopping the kundgebung. Frustrating…

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