20-N: A Weekend in Madrid

So much to say, so little time and ridiculously late is still better than never, so heres a very superficial roundup, mainly in pictures, of our all expenses paid weekend in Madrid (thanks again to the Coordinadora Antifascista de Madrid).

-First evening: Met with the guitarist of the glorious „Guardia Negra,“ who I hadnt seen in about 5 years. Ate mushrooms and meat at some incredible bar. Never paid so much for so little food…and been so happy about it.

-Speaking of Food: So much of it, all of it so good. Ribs with honey barbecue sauce, paella, flan, tortilla, mushrooms, you name it…we ate it.

-The presentation/discussion with comrades from Rome, Moscow, and Göttingen (held by the ALI folk present) was interesting and successful. Well over 100 people in attendance, about three hours of presentation, and more than one hour of questions and discussion.

After the seriousness, the stupidity. We went to the „Rolling Stones Rock Bar,“ which gave my little Argentine rocker heart neverending joy (I even stole myself the menu). Discovery of the evening: Italians look at a beer…and the singing starts (annoyingly…it never ends).

-Saturday was spent preparing for the demonstration in the evening. We spent the day in the „La Traba“ squat. Some artistic impressions:

Art inside the squat. „Blood for Blood…Madrid in Struggle“

Banners for the demonstration

„The Best Homage…To Continue the Struggle“

Passage from Orwells „Homage to Catalunya“ describing life in anarchist Barcelona. A great classic, now available in „wall“ format…

The „placa“ at the location of Carlos´ murder.

The demonstration on Saturday was attended by over 5000 people and, as the newspaper reported the next day „accompanied by a strong police presence consisting of over 100 officers“ (yes, hundred…not thousand). I only managed to take one, terrible, picture. But, you know, was busy….

After the demonstration a concert was held at the squat, attended by approximately 700 people. Of course, in order to not lose the habit…I quickly found myself working (and no, not the FF table…security at the door! :-) ). The „afterparty“ was in this bar, run by members of Non Servium and located on the outskirts of the city.

Entertainment highlight of the weekend was provided by the fascists. Long story short: One faction attempted to disturb a public meeting of another faction…end result 28 arrests. Here is the „news“ and a lot of comedy:

Finally, to end on a random note: The most bad taste concert in the history of music. So bad taste, I would have gone if I could. Four hours of heavy metal cover bands!

2 Antworten auf „20-N: A Weekend in Madrid“

  1. 1 autonomer 14. Dezember 2009 um 18:13 Uhr

    Ich lese deinen Blog eigentlich ganz gerne, bin aber bei deinen links auf diese seite gestoßen:

    kannst du mir erklären warum du diesen krassen antisemitischen müll verlinkst?

  2. 2 Administrator 15. Dezember 2009 um 15:51 Uhr

    wenn du den blog regelmässig liest, dann gehe ich davon aus dass ich auf englisch antworten kann…

    from what ive seen on that blog, they/he/she mainly make fun of antideutsche…a sport which I can definitely appreciate. that said, I havent looked at it in a while and I am not going to scout it now looking for possible anti-semitic comments.

    on the other hand, if you would show me where anti-semitic remarks are made on the blog, then we can talk about it, and of course remove the link if this is appropriate.

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