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Barras al Mundial: Government Sponsored Trip to the World Cup for Argentine Barrabravas

Imagine the following story in the German press:

The CDU has reached an agreement with most of the large hooligan/ultra groups in Germany, with the following conditions: The hooligans accept to make promotion for the government in their stadiums and cities, as well as committing to not perpetrating acts of violence from now until the World Cup 2010. In exchange for this „service,“ the government will provide an airplane for 280 hooligans to travel to the World Cup, and will cover all of their expenses while there. If things go well, the CDU even has plans to add a second airplane full of hooligans, raising the total to over 500.

Sounds crazy?

The following article is from the Ole, the daily Argentine sports newspaper. The Ole is owned by Grupo Clarin, which is at war with the government. So everything one reads in it needs to be taken with a grain of salt. On the other hand, this would be nothing new, just on a larger scale.

Brief summarized translation, original Spanish version below:

The Government has apparently reached a deal with barrasbravas/hooligans from 12 first division clubs in which they recieve social aid *and* all expenses paid trips to the World Cup in South Africa in exchange for publicity and support for the Government in the stadiums and „on the streets.“ Furthermore, the barras commit to not causing trouble in the Stadiums from now until after the World Cup.

How many barras would travel to the World Cup under this arrangement: 280!

If things go well, there are plans to expand the agreement to not one, but two airplanes full of barras, which would elevate the number of Government sponsored visitors to 500.

Add to that the River and Boca barras who travel „on their own expense,“ plus the usual one or two hundred sponsored by clubs…and we are talking about possibly up to 700 Argentine barrabravas in South Africa next year. As a comparison: There was about 150 in Germany.

Racings barras are preparing for the trip, as can be seen in the appearance of new banners with not only „La Guardia Imperial“ but also „Argentina“ on them. Can more or less be seen here…

Independiente has also made themselves a large one reading „Sudafrica 2010.“ You can see a part of it here as well as another embarassment of theirs. Apparently…these are their sponsors for their trip. Half the world is there, I wonder if the corner kiosk from my neighborhood could also get on it for a few pesos!?

Humiliation is always best by comparison. So….


Conny, Red Street, etc.: More and better pictures….

As requested, some further and slightly better pictures. This one including entrance, which is also nice. Stolen from here. Theres another one there as well, but its very small. And yes, while it is not out of the ordinary to sign the work of political groups with their logo, I also agree that it didnt need to be quite so large. On the other hand, to make that *the* main problem with such a piece…no comment. Finally, for el3ktrolurch: It takes a very special interpretation to read a mural which reproduces a historic design from back then, together with the „spruch“ and date of the incident as having no „aussage abseits von werbung für seine Gruppe oder veranstaltung.“ Its funny, it happens in Hamburg and everybody loves it. It happens in Göttingen and its horrible.

And since there are those who doubt the artistic skills of those who have in past and present decorated the Rote Str., some historical pictures. We can argue about taste and style, but not about talent. :-)

Very likely the same „kreis“…

If you want ugly, this is ugly! :-)

Ive known comrades who, despite similar or even worse skill levels, covered their entire city in „political slogans.“ One once said to me „Art is for nerds, we make propaganda.“
We dont have to agree, but its fair enough.

And in closing…this is, except from precious (and appreciated) exceptions „the only game in town“ as far as concerns explicitly political graffitti/streetart/whateveryouwanttocallit. If people dont like it, I believe the expression is „DIY.“ Macht mehr, machts besser. It would be great, but apparently the initiative is only there to criticize.

Atlanta vs Defe / Racing vs Godoy Cruz

Today, Racing plays against Godoy Cruz and Atlanta plays Defensores de Belgrano. The former is relatively uninteresting, the latter quite the contrary.

In the past, Defe vs Atlanta was a big occasion for us due to the dislike that both clubs fans have of each other. The last few years, there being no away fans allowed at lower division futbol games in Argentina, this has become somewhat less exciting. For this reason, well concentrate on anecdotes and moments of the past of more interest.

A not unusual scene at Atlanta vs Defensores. In Villa Crespo a few years ago…

I have a somewhat love/hate relationship to Defensores de Belgrano. There was a time (late 90s I think) when I was exiled from Atlanta. To make a long story short: One day during an away game, I was standing around behind the goal. Being the young anarchist that I was, I had some t-shirt with some politically explicit slogan which gave away my political „inclinations.“ Suddenly, from behind I hear „vos que haces aca? Zurdo de mierda!“ (roughly translated „what are you doing here? Fucking Leftist! And „zurdo“ is an especially derogative term used by fascists/cops/soldiers to refer to leftists) I turned around just fast enough to move out of the way of a fist about the size of my head headed towards me, belonging to a body about three heads larger than mine. The giant then proceeded to try to rip off my tshirt (failed), but I was eventually pushed out of the area behind the goal in a very (very) unfriendly manner.
I then began the process of organizing my friends, contacts, and generally sympathetic people in order to make possible my return to my clubs terraces. However, this proved to be a somewhat long and complicated process, as apparently the person who attacked me was an ex-member of the „Camargo Skinheads“ which were a Neo-Nazi skinhead group which had apparently been active a few years earlier in Atlanta. Although they were no longer active and werent even recognizable, they still had enough connections to be a problem.

This is all of course especially crazy given that Atlanta is the representative team of Villa Crespo, one of Buenos Airess historically (and still currently) most Jewish neighborhoods. Our stadium is called „Leon Kolbowsky“ and the derogatory term other teams fans use to refer to Atlanta and its fans is „los judios“ (the Jews). Antisemitic chants against us (and even the ocassional swastica flag) are not rare.

Regardless, it took several months before I could return to Atlanta, and an alternative entertainment for Saturday afternoons was needed. Since I had lots of friends at Defensores de Belgrano, for a time went to see Defe and travelled with them (and their barra/hooligans) on several occasions. And so, regardless of where my heart truly lied…when you get ambushed in a Buenos Aires slum because the cops steer your buses into the middle, then suddenly disappear, and the next step is you being shot at from several directions….you develop certain bonds with people through shared suffering! :-)

On the other hand, a sector of Defes fans also slipped into antisemitic folklore and jokes which made me, while standing around there, very uncomfortable and feeling not quite safe. The high (low?) point of this was an Atlanta vs Defe in Defes stadium in the early 1999 or 2000, where Defe fans greeted the entrance of Atlantas players on the pitch by throwing bars of soap. This act was even more repulsive because the „terrace“ from which this happened is named after a Jewish leftist, and Defe fan, by the name of Marcos Zucker who was killed during the last military dictatorship (one of the most famous torture camps of the dictatorship era is located directly across the street from Defes stadium). Fortunately, I was with the Atlanta fans that day.

This phase seems to be over in Defe, as those who understand Spanish can see in the following video, where there is very positive referance to Marcos Zucker, anti-military songs being chanted, and so forth.

This video shows Defes fans in the neighborhood of their archrivals Excursionistas…who are nowhere to be found.

Finally, a video of a tragic incident in Argentine futbol and a great example of the behavior of Argentine police. What is seen here is not rare, what is rare is that it was caught on tape, and that the police went so far as to kill an already arrested fan and then claim that he died „falling from the back of the van“ in which he was being transported.

Conny Wessmann Mural in the Rote Strasse

Yesterday night, vandals attacked our home. A brief documentation….

Nice, but did the logo really need to be soooo big?! Tsk tsk…

Just Nice…

Funny, a friend currently in Northern Ireland keeps sending us pictures of murals, but why go so far when you have them right in your backyard?! :-)

Assorted Nr. 17: PSG vs Marseille, Roter Stern Leipzig vs Nazis, and some random stuff…

*Would we make it? Definitely not. Would we sell it? Probably not. But still, its cute. And if thats how they really look on textile, then thats a pretty damned good job.

*Cute, in a very different kind of way:

*SpiegelTV piece about the attack against fans of Roter Stern Leipzig from a few weeks ago. For those of you who missed it: About 50 Nazis attacked fans of Roter Stern Leipzig at a game.

Having watched the video, surprising/worrying stuff:

-I know its uncool to criticize the victims, but its important to ask relevant questions as well. Such as: If the criticism towards the police is that the danger of a Nazi attack, or at least important presence, was relatively clear beforehand, why didnt RSL fans organize their own self-defense in consequence of this knowledge?

-Nazis are a never ending source of surprise. What kind of idiot does something like that without covering their face? Even worse, what kind of jackass gives an interview like the „erlebnisorienterte jugendliche“ did?

*Paris Saint Germain vs Olympique Marseille, very krass:

*Completely random but….“Imposible“ a great song by Callejeros.

Here in original…

Here in stadium version…

And in Racing version:
Racing vos sos mi eterna pasion, yo te sigo a todos lados
la numero uno vino a alentarte quiere verte campeon
mi amor por vos es mucho mas grande que cualquier resultado
no me importa que ganes o pierdas doy la vida por vos

Academia quiero un campeonato, eso es lo que pidoo,
llenar dos canchas de nuevo este año es lo que imaginooo,
Academia vos sos mi vida, sos mi pasión
ganes o pierdas yo te sigo igual,
siempre te alienta la Guardia Imperiaal

La Nº1 no te va abandonarr, ( o „Todos los del rojo se quieren matar“)
Racing es una fiesta no se puede dejaarr.

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