Conny, Red Street, etc.: More and better pictures….

As requested, some further and slightly better pictures. This one including entrance, which is also nice. Stolen from here. Theres another one there as well, but its very small. And yes, while it is not out of the ordinary to sign the work of political groups with their logo, I also agree that it didnt need to be quite so large. On the other hand, to make that *the* main problem with such a piece…no comment. Finally, for el3ktrolurch: It takes a very special interpretation to read a mural which reproduces a historic design from back then, together with the „spruch“ and date of the incident as having no „aussage abseits von werbung für seine Gruppe oder veranstaltung.“ Its funny, it happens in Hamburg and everybody loves it. It happens in Göttingen and its horrible.

And since there are those who doubt the artistic skills of those who have in past and present decorated the Rote Str., some historical pictures. We can argue about taste and style, but not about talent. :-)

Very likely the same „kreis“…

If you want ugly, this is ugly! :-)

Ive known comrades who, despite similar or even worse skill levels, covered their entire city in „political slogans.“ One once said to me „Art is for nerds, we make propaganda.“
We dont have to agree, but its fair enough.

And in closing…this is, except from precious (and appreciated) exceptions „the only game in town“ as far as concerns explicitly political graffitti/streetart/whateveryouwanttocallit. If people dont like it, I believe the expression is „DIY.“ Macht mehr, machts besser. It would be great, but apparently the initiative is only there to criticize.

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