Conny Wessmann Mural in the Rote Strasse

Yesterday night, vandals attacked our home. A brief documentation….

Nice, but did the logo really need to be soooo big?! Tsk tsk…

Just Nice…

Funny, a friend currently in Northern Ireland keeps sending us pictures of murals, but why go so far when you have them right in your backyard?! :-)

5 Antworten auf „Conny Wessmann Mural in the Rote Strasse“

  1. 1 AntifaStreetArt 07. November 2009 um 3:27 Uhr

    Do you have better pictures of this wall? (higher resolution, better perspektive) It would be cool if you could send it, i would post it on the antifa streetart blog.


  2. 2 AntifaStreetArt 07. November 2009 um 3:28 Uhr

    btw: maybe u can send us the murals from ireland too ;)

  3. 3 abdafüa 07. November 2009 um 20:17 Uhr

    i actually like the stop-control-graffito…

  4. 4 Administrator 07. November 2009 um 20:53 Uhr

    antifastreetart: lässt sich organisieren. paar tage bitte.
    The comrade in Ireland sent us pictures of ummm…not sooo great murals, although there are of course many very spectacular ones there. Weve *demanded* more and better pictures…mal gucken was passiert.

  1. 1 Gaymuensterland's Blog Trackback am 22. November 2009 um 9:54 Uhr
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