Assorted Nr. 17: PSG vs Marseille, Roter Stern Leipzig vs Nazis, and some random stuff…

*Would we make it? Definitely not. Would we sell it? Probably not. But still, its cute. And if thats how they really look on textile, then thats a pretty damned good job.

*Cute, in a very different kind of way:

*SpiegelTV piece about the attack against fans of Roter Stern Leipzig from a few weeks ago. For those of you who missed it: About 50 Nazis attacked fans of Roter Stern Leipzig at a game.

Having watched the video, surprising/worrying stuff:

-I know its uncool to criticize the victims, but its important to ask relevant questions as well. Such as: If the criticism towards the police is that the danger of a Nazi attack, or at least important presence, was relatively clear beforehand, why didnt RSL fans organize their own self-defense in consequence of this knowledge?

-Nazis are a never ending source of surprise. What kind of idiot does something like that without covering their face? Even worse, what kind of jackass gives an interview like the „erlebnisorienterte jugendliche“ did?

*Paris Saint Germain vs Olympique Marseille, very krass:

*Completely random but….“Imposible“ a great song by Callejeros.

Here in original…

Here in stadium version…

And in Racing version:
Racing vos sos mi eterna pasion, yo te sigo a todos lados
la numero uno vino a alentarte quiere verte campeon
mi amor por vos es mucho mas grande que cualquier resultado
no me importa que ganes o pierdas doy la vida por vos

Academia quiero un campeonato, eso es lo que pidoo,
llenar dos canchas de nuevo este año es lo que imaginooo,
Academia vos sos mi vida, sos mi pasión
ganes o pierdas yo te sigo igual,
siempre te alienta la Guardia Imperiaal

La Nº1 no te va abandonarr, ( o „Todos los del rojo se quieren matar“)
Racing es una fiesta no se puede dejaarr.

4 Antworten auf „Assorted Nr. 17: PSG vs Marseille, Roter Stern Leipzig vs Nazis, and some random stuff…“

  1. 1 Oh mann... 05. November 2009 um 19:32 Uhr

    …. „Terrorgrew Muldental“…?! Und gute Nacht.

  2. 2 Administrator 06. November 2009 um 0:33 Uhr

    Naja…die frage „wer kann so dumm sein dass er…“ ist damit wahrscheinlich auch geantwortet…:-)

  3. 3 BÄÄM 06. November 2009 um 20:17 Uhr

    Da lob ich mir doch das gute alte „Leinecoast for what son?! For liiiiiiiife !!!“

  4. 4 Vermummung gar nicht notwendig!! 06. November 2009 um 20:26 Uhr
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