A Day in Hamburg: Conny Mural Renewed!

All in a day!

Again, for the many of you whose attention spans have been ruined by Twitter, Mtv, and techno music… the end of the story:

For the rest of you:
We departed at 08 am (Saturday morning!), after having the healthy dose of two hours of sleep and a very large coffee. The ride went well, except that would would otherwise be a wisely invested 10€ for an mp3 to cassette converter meant that I felt obligated to play the „shuffle all songs“ option from the ipod. Three hours of going from tango, to straightedge hardcore, to hip-hop, to Roxette, to Argentine rock, to Oi, back to Tango, and every once in a while a bad recording of Racing fans singing songs in the stadium, or some of Maradonas goals against England in 1986. Emotionally challenging for even the most stable of us.

Shockingly, we arrived on time. A rare happening which Ill make sure to avoid in the future, because it means that you end up sitting around waiting for other people to arrive. A lifetime of lateness means Im not used to this, and I think I dont like it.
But the time was used wisely attacking the Club Mate stock of the Rote Flora cafe and wallpapering both the inside and outside of the building with concert and demo posters. „Renovierung“ would be the right term.

Then came the time to „work,“ and having skillfully avoided doing much, or any, of it really…I dont have much to say about it. Mainly my job consisted of sitting „up there,“ wondering how on earth I was supposed to ever get down from where I was with my injured foot without having to call the fire department to bring me down, feeling like some exotic animal in the zoo being photographed by a different yuppie every two minutes, and serving as „cultural liason“ between the „unskilled labor“ and *the artist.* :-)

We took our own pictures, but they are terrible, and still havent been retouched. Fortunately, the narcissistic media freaks from the ALI were faster, so here are some stolen pictures from here (you have to scroll down a little bit).

Despite (or probably precisely because of) how little I was involved, it was all over in 4 hours. More than enough time to eat burritos, go to a bar, and still be back in Göttingen at precisely 11 pm for the start of the Racing game. And here is the truly important part of this article: Racing WON (first time in four months). Not only that, Racing won 4-0!





View from the zoo cage…


No comment. Fucking crazies…

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