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After the Madness is Before the Madness…Jornadas Antifascistas Madrid

Theres no rest for the wicked, so after the madness of last week (at some point…I just stopped eating and sleeping!), two days in a very very dark corner of Germany, and one day in Göttingen, off we are again. So while there is much to say, pictures to show, criticisms to be written, thanks to be given, news to be spread (both good and bad) and so forth….there is just no time.

In four hours its off to Madrid. Id like to particularly point your attention to the discussion which will be held on Friday the 2oth. With comrades from the important metropoles of Europe, you know like Rome, Moscow…Göttingen…:-)

Of course, for those in Germany…

13.11/14.11 Göttingen („Conny“): Solikonzert, Demo, Diverses…Last Update

Short and terribly organized, lack of time. Some useful, some interesting, infos…

*“Am Freitag den 13.11 gibt es im T-Keller um 20 Uhr eine letzte Infoveranstaltung wo ihr euch über den Aktuellen Stand der Demonstration Informieren könnt.

13.11.| 20 Uhr | T-Keller (Geismarlandstraße 19)“

*At ca. 21:30 we will be showing the film „Uno di Noi“ made by the Antifa Jugend Bochum. Uno di Noi

*After that…

For tomorrow, an interesting interview which sums up the expected situation relatively well can be heard here (Rakete).

No time, no time, lots to do…see you ALL later!

Remember the Haymarket Martyrs

November 11th will mark 122 years since the state sanctioned murder of the Chicago anarchists, better known as the „Haymarket Martyrs.“ Rarely will you find a story which so well and clearly demonstrates the true nature of class justice, what „democracy“ is capable of when its good citizens are frightened, and such a blatant case of an anti-anarchist lynch mob. This saga, or more precisely Paul Avrichs excellent rendition of it in his book „The Haymarket Tragedy,“ is also very likely what cemented anarchism in me as a political ideology.

There I was, curious young „punk,“ wondering what the word „Anarchy“ which the Sex Pistols were singing about might mean. Lucky for me, the Encyclopedia in which I looked at my schools library didnt carry the usual garbage about „anarchy“ and „anarchism,“ but rather an entry written by none other than Peter Kropotkin. What he said sounded interesting, so this being before the time of widespread internet, my next step was to see what books the school library might have on the subject of anarchism. There was only one, but it was none other than Avrichs „The Haymarket Tragedy.“

(Available via AK Press, although sadly quite expensive. On the other hand it is something like 500 pages.)

Paul Avrich has probably done more for rescuing North American anarchist history than anybody else in the last century, and all of his books are very much worth reading (including that not related to North America, such as „The Russian Anarchists“), but „The Haymarket Tragedy“ is an absolute masterpiece. It includes sections about the main protagonists, a detailed account of the conflict and strike which led to the Haymarket incident, sets the context by describing the social and economic relations of Chicago at the time, and paints a vivid picture of the anarchist culture of resistance of the time. Its a book to read and re-read. To go back to every time your anarchist conviction threatens to waver. If you are going to ever read only one book about anarchist history, this is without a doubt the one it should be.

For those of you too lazy to read it (not wanting to buy it is no excuse…Im willing to lend it, although God help he/she who loses or damages it), here is an acceptable 15 minute piece about the Haymarket Martyrs. Not nearly as moving though….

„The Day Will Come When Our Silence Will Be More Powerful Than The Voices You Are Throttling Today“

Assorted Nr. 18: Massive Exodus of Deserters from South to North Korea, Armed Antifa in Phoenix, Cristina Kirchner Superstar, Pittsburgh G20, Lyon-Marseille, bla…

*This is some funny, funny shit. In spanish and Im only going to give an extremely summarized translation:
The article claims that Kang Tong Rim recently fled from the South to the North to escape the pressures of life in capitalist hell, and wishes him well in the future that awaits him in the socialist paradise.
Article in Spanish.
This is of course ridiculous, since we all know that everybody flocks to North Korea, not only because of the paradise character but for the party…

And the afterparty…

* Anarchists with guns in the US:
This is a very good thing, I can say from very direct personal experience. One of my last encounters with US Nazis, at the famous „Battle of York“ in 2001 (2002?), while the day as a whole was very successful, there was an unfortunate moment which went somewhat like this: I, concerned about the safety of a Nazi who had driven his car into a mob of antifascists and local residents, stuck my head through the window of his car and tried to ummm…pull him out to safety. Apparently, for some reason this frightened him and provoked him to put a gun in my face. An unpleasant moment in an otherwise very successful day.

„Anarchists carried at this event. Meaning: ANARCHISTS HAD GUNS! Out in the open, and it was legal. That’s right, it’s not just nazis and anti-immigrant types who are packing now at protests, it’s our side. In Arizona, it’s legal to openly carry firearms as long as your weapon is legally yours. This is the first time I have physically seen anarchists at demonstrations carry firearms with them – and I have to say that the experience was very empowering to see. Those in states with similar laws should considering getting firearms and doing the same if possible. This is not me fetishizing armed struggle or guns; the way forward is collective action by working people in their workplaces, communities, and the streets. But, if we are going to go up against people like the NSM, we should be prepared to defend ourselves especially if we can avoid legal risks while openly carrying weapons. It should be noted that members of the NSM have been seen carrying weapons while counter protesting pro-immigration marches. People like J.T. Ready have also been known to follow Mexicano people in the local area, often while armed, hoping to deport them. “

Not antifas…

*This happens every once in a while, and really kind of worries me. Cristina Kirchner, President of Argentina, in her ongoing conflict with Grupo Clarin (a right wing leaning media monopoly in Argentina) says things I, and many leftsits, agree with. In referance to mainstream media coverage of recent street blockades in Argentina, she said: „Muestran a los pobres cuando están solitos y llorando, pero los tildan de revoltosos cuando se organizan para reclamar“, criticó la Presidenta. Translated, „They show us the poor when they are alone and crying, but when they organize to protest they call them „revoltosos“ (out of control).
Cristina and her government are a joke, but at least they give us a good quote every now and then (and free futbol!).

*Very late, but with some very true comments regarding the new cop technology in the states which was used in Pittsburgh against anarchists…the „sonic cannon.“ When I lived in Boston, at the Barricada house we used to have a crust band practicing in the basement which would have driven deaf people to tears. Theres probably already about 15 anarchocrust labels working on „Sonic Cannon“ LPs.

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*Speaking of Pittsburgh, a little publicity for good people: The Greater Pittsburgh Anarchist Collective. Not only do they have good politics, what makes them really rare for the US…they have well layouted work. Here is the link to their magazine. Enjoy.

*Sometimes, just sometimes, the actual sport and not the mass madness around it is interesting. Lyon vs Marseille…final score 5-5! And an ex-Racing player scored two goals!

*Moving up in the world, ha! :-)

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