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Catalog Update: Oi, Streetpunk and Hardcore from Insurgence Recs. and Anfibio

The Press, Bull Brigade, Blackout Brigade, Fighting Chance, ASCO, Komintern 43, Union Made, Fate 2 Hate…

*The Press, „Complete Press: 1984-1994 CD

The Press were the first American Oi! band and this is the first time their collected works, including remastered rarities and unreleased material, have been issued in one slick lookin’ digipack release together with band photos and a pullout lyric-sheet!

For fans of: The Clash, Gonads, Cock-Sparrer

„This is a 21 guitar salute to The Press, the very first US Oi! band.

Formed in New York in 1984, the Press didn’t only duplicate the sound of the first wave of English Oi! bands they absolutely captured the spirit. Your Oi!, like our Oi! was working class protest married to angry rock n roll music. Your songs, like our songs, were about boredom, rebellion, and defiance. Working class kids faced the same problems whether they grew up in Canning Town or Queens. You either had no job or a shit job, the dole, low wages or a bag full of swag.

As Andre Schlesinger wrote in It’s Not What I Want: ‘Five days a week, I’m working 9 – 5, it’s never enough to pay the bills but it’s enough to keep me alive.’ The music of the Press was clearly influenced by the British punk and Oi! bands that preceded them; in particular, the Clash, the Gonads, the Upstarts, Cock Sparrer and SLF. Yet they wrote great sing-along rebel anthems of their own, with melody, guts and with plenty to say. Best was Schlesinger’s 21 Guitar Salute which is kept alive today by another great US band The Dropkick Murphys. And while by 1984 the scene in England had become depressingly conservative and copycat, the Press were experimenting with ska (Try) and the more Modish drive of ASAP.

Their emblems were English: the Fred Perry logo, the crossed hammers. But they were bright enough to reject the dumb-ass media image of skinheads as racist boneheads and hitched their banner proudly to SHARP. (With its roots in bluebeat, mod and South London, how could skinhead be anything other than non-racist?) The Press’s stance was truly international. Andre’s stance – even more amazingly – was international socialist: “Don‘t wait for tomorrow, revolution now!” he wrote, echoing England’s Redskins. And buddy, if you don’t like that then you can “shut your fucking mouth.” It’s Not What I Want started out not as a song but as a picket sign.

Other US Oi! and Oi!-influenced bands were to go on and make a bigger splash, but never forget The Press. They deserve to be recognized. The Press were the first; they got it, they took it, they made it their own. The kids were all right.“

*Komintern 43, „Grupos de Tormenta“ CD

Redskin Oi band from the heart of RASH Colombia. Song titled like „Espiritu Redskin,“ „RASH United,“ „Antifascista Siempre,“ „La Internacional,“ „Amanecer Rojo,“ „Leningrado,“ and so forth should make more than clear which direction these comrades lean in.
Very nicely designed and well presented in a digipack.
Musically, the good old classic south american oi and streetpunk.
Faro, the singer of the band, was recently freed after spending over a year in prison, unjustly accused of murdering a fascist.

*Fighting Chance, „Sacrifice and Struggle CD/LP plus „Party Lies“ 7inch

*The Blackout Brigade, „Death and Dishonesty“ CD

Blaggers-style dual-vocal attacks, blistering guitar work, and steady rhythm and bass lines comprise this thundering debut release from these Winnipeg-bred scene-wreckers. This is the one!

*A.S.C.O, „Por Un Infierno Mas Digno“ CD

Political streetpunk from the Canary Islands.

*And finally, the Insurgence hardcore classics Union Made and Fate 2 Hate are available again as well.

Hamburg! Antifa Cafe about Conny and a nice picture….

From Antifa Cafe Hamburg:
Freitag, 02.10.2009, 19h, Rote Flora:

„Kein Vergeben, kein Vergessen
Zum 20. Todestag von Conny Wessmann

Conny wurde am 17.11.1989 nach einer antifaschistischen Aktion in Göttingen von der Polizei auf eine stark befahrene Straße getrieben und von einem Auto überfahren.

Genossen aus Göttingen erinnern im Antifa-Cafè an Conny und informieren über die am 14.11.2009 geplante Bündnisdemo anläßlich Connys Todestag.

Im Rahmen der Feierlichkeiten zum 20-jährigen Bestehen der Roten Flora findet das Cafè in selbiger statt. “

Quite unrelated, and muuuuch less serious, but also Hamburg…

Rote Szene Hamburg posted this picture of an obviously very stylish person. We like.

Sharing Means Caring!: 13.11 Brigada Flores Magon in Göttingen

Yes, just that. The great and glorious Brigada Flores Magon from Paris will be playing on Friday, 13.11.2009 in the Juzi Göttingen. Just wanted to spread the joy a bit. More infos the coming weeks…

Happy fucking new year!

Assorted Nr. 14: Carlos Demo and Josue Trial, Happy Bday WSM, 11.09 Chile, Attacks in Greece…

*First and foremost, in Madrid, over 9.000 people demonstrated in memory of Carlos under the motto of „Ni Olvido, Ni Perdon. El Mejor Homenaje…Continuar la Lucha.“

Manifestación por Carlos Palomino en Madrid

On Monday, the first day of the trial against Josue, we were treated to the spectacle of this little soldier explaining that he is „a simple patriot, who is happy when the Spanish football team wins.“ I refuse to translate more of his crap, but in this case we have to say that it is only the fact that there were security cameras which guarantees a positive end to this trial. Without the footage, who would *not* believe that his life was in immediate and serious danger at the hands of hundreds of antifascists? An unfortunate paradox…

*The Workers Solidarity Movement/a> turns 25 years old. One of the most relevant Platformist organizations, and an example of sustainable, committed, anarchist organizing. Cheers to them!

*Attacks in Greece, and a rather rambling but readable communique.

*11.09.2009 came and went in Chile. A, very respectable, list of actions, armed attacks, lootings, street blockades, and the likes (as well as images) can be found (in Spanish) at Liberacion Total.

*Schanzenfest came and went, and what had to happen happened. No comment.

Antifa Kalender 2010

The twentieth edition of the classic Antifascist agenda., arrived today.

The publishers say…

Stets aktuell von undogmatisch aktiven Menschen aus der Bewegung gemacht, ist der Antifa-Kalender mittlerweile ein nicht wegzudenkender Begleiter sowohl für Einsteiger/innen als auch für die Erfahrenen unter den politisch Aktiven.

Aus dem Inhalt:
* Die Kampagne „Angreifbare Traditionspflege“ stellt sich vor
* Deutschland kommt gebraucht zurück. Eine Bilanz nach zehn Jahren Antifa-Sommer
* Deutschland Lagerland. Innerhalb und außerhalb der EU wir ein System unterschiedlicher, sich wechselseitig ergänzender Lager aufgebaut.
* Im Falle eines Falles ist richtig Fallen alles. Traumatisierung im Kontext politischer Arbeit.
* 26 Jahre EZLN – 16 Jahre Aufstand in Chiapas – 100 Jahre Mexikanische Revolution: Zapatismus 2010. Emanzipatorische Praxis gegen Ausbeutung und Unterdrückung
* Buchtipps: Lesen für die Sache …
* This ist not a Lovesong. Zum Umgang mit sexualisierter Gewalt
* Rechtshilfe. Rechte. Oder was?
* Tipps und Tricks für Antifas. Eine kleine Einführung zur Datensicherheit
* Service-TeiL: Kalender, school’s out, Mens, Adressen …

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