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Pittsburgh: Resist the G20 (Today!)

We wish the best of luck to the friends and comrades in Pittsburgh who will be participating today in an unpermitted demonstration against the G20 summit. Those of you interested in reading more can visit
Here is the call for todays demonstration, and a little documentation of some of the posters and flyers surrounding the anti-summit activities…

„This September 24-25 the G-20 will be meeting in Pittsburgh. Finance ministers, central bank governors, presidents and lobbyists from the world’s largest economies will come together to discuss and plan out the international financial system.

Historically, the G-20 and similar institutions have been instruments of economic destruction, helping to promote and construct a world system built on “free” trade agreements such as NAFTA, financial consolidation and corporate control, privatization and deregulation, and the idea that profit and growth are more important than people and ecological sustainability.

On Thursday, September 24, Pittsburghers opposed to the G-20 will hold a mass march in recognition that the summit is much more than a simple meeting.. The summit is a big deal because governments, global financial institutions and corporations are putting out vast sums of money, prestige and media to make it important. This huge media-driven spectacle is intended to lull the public into believing that everything is fine, that the world should continue on the same basic path it’s been on, and that it’s perfectly reasonable for a few people and companies to hold vastly disproportionate power and decision-making rights over everyone else.

This Mass March on the G-20 Summit is intended to be a creation of space in which diverse forms of resistance can occur. This means it is an opportunity to show the synergy and diversity of our struggles, not an attempt to impose one message or theme on everyone. Anyone dissatisfied with the state of our society has a reason to resist the G-20. Far from a liability we see that as a strength of this global movement for justice.

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Out Now on Fire and Flames Music: Inner Terrestrials, „Enter the Dragon + Escape from New Cross“ Digipack CD (FFM026)

Fire and Flames Music is very excited to co-release the latest INNER TERRESTRIALS album, „Enter the Dragon + Escape from New Cross“ in CD format (in Germany together with Plastic Bomb). This digipack CD is composed of the „Enter the Dragon“ mini-CD which has been out of print for several years, plus the also sold-out „Escape from New Cross“ live performance.

What is there to say about Inner Terrestrials? Well let „the masses“ speak and just quote some album reviews of the past:

„If there was ever a recent British band that could challenge the (proverbial) underground hegemony of Leftover Crack, it would HAVE to be the Inner Terrestrials. They fuse a cracking blend of punk, ska, dub-festy-reggae and folk. Not to mention having one-man-beat machine of Conflict fame Paco on drums, they have perhaps one of the most approachable and genuine vocalists on the punk circuit today – J.“

„The Inner Terrestrials deserve more attention with their unbelievable style and ability to convey such a positive and radical message without resorting to name-calling and defeatism.“

„How on earth a band can combine truly forward thinking and radical ideas with such musical intensity and yet refer back to injustices from nearly a thousand years ago (1066) is hard to understand. Get the albums, listen to the words and dance to the music – understand that protest music is not dead and be a part of the future!“

Fire and Flames Music: Upcoming Releases

Musically, many of the planned upcoming releases are certainly not precisely in the musical tradition of past Fire and Flames releases. Our position has always been that of only taking bands with a message we can identify with (at least to a certain extent) *and* who made good music. But good music with revolutionary politics doesnt only come to the beats of oi and ska. So, in a conscious effort to break out of our comfort zone and simultaneously support musical projects which we are excited about, both content wise and musically, we made some very „new“ decisions when deciding on projects for the next half year.

Here they are, the bands and releases, briefly summarized. Comprehensive band introductions, mp3s, images, and videos will follow in order of release over the next few months.

And, for those of you afraid of musical change: not too worry, we have a few classics bringing new releases in the near future as well! Read and find out!

*Inner Terrestrials (London), „Enter the Dragon + Escape from New Cross“ CD (FFM026)

The classic British anarcho-punk band. Re-release of the sold out „Enter the Dragon“ EP, together with the „Escape from New Cross“ Live recording. Released together with Plastic Bomb, and already available (arrived Friday).

*The Class War Kids (Newfoundland, Canada), „Reflection. Rage. Rebellion“ CD (FFM027)

From Canada comes straight up, no bullshit, anarchist class struggle oriented punk rock a la early Anti-Flag or ZSK. Release planned for November of this year, with a European tour to follow in April/May 2010. In the spirit of „less talk, more rock“ a presentation video…

*From the Depths (Carrboro, North Carolina), „Germinate“ LP (FFM028)

„Hearkening back to the days when anarcho-punk was characterized by bands as diverse as Crass, Chumbawumba, and Contropotere, the songs on this album combine d-beat power, slower and faster hardcore, harsh noise, and even a passage from a traditional Italian anarchist folk ballad. This is intense, defiant, dark music, but it is based in compelling melodies; you can scream these songs at the top of your lungs in a riot, but you could also sing them quietly to yourself in jail to maintain your spirits. Recorded at Mars Studio (known for recording Catharsis, Undying, and scores of more famous hardcore bands), “Germinate” comprises 7 songs in 36 minutes, an epic paean to self-determination and resistance…“

*Opcio K-95 (Barcelona)/Esclaves Salaries (Montreal) „Untitled“ Split 7″ (FFM029)
A project we are particularly excited about. Limited numbered pressing of 500 copies, on red vinyl, and with Japanese traditional tattoo artwork. Of course, all unreleased tracks from the upcoming albums of both bands! Hopefully ready before the end of the year as well.

*Esclaves Salaries, „Untitled“ CD/LP (FFM030)

*Opcio K-95, „Untitled“ CD/LP (FFM031)

And there is even more (an instrumental project, Hate the State Vol. 3) but we would be getting into the Spring 2010 area there, these are just the ones we will try to release by years end.

Further Proof that the Radical Right is Crazier than the Radical Left

Unfortunately, Im too incompetent to post the pictures directly here, but I *really* suggest having a look at this. Especially for any genius ultra-German „leftists“ who think there is something useful to be drawn from US conservatives.
Click here to be both terribly frightened and very entertained!

AK Press hits the nail square on the head. I dont even want to start thinking about all the times Ive been terribly embarassed of „my own,“ but its nice to see the other side works pretty damned hard at looking off the wall crazy as well.
All the Obama=Socialism=Communism and so forth imagery and rhetoric does kind of depress me though….because how great would it be if this was actually true??!! Sadly, I think the chances of Obama being a Trotskyist pulling the greatest entryist hoax in history are sadly rather slim. I quote AK Press…

„For anyone who has spent some time in left circles you know how embarrassing it can get. If it’s not some obscure marxist-leninoid sect alienating everyone within spitting distance with their party lines, the guy who always shows up at the SF Anarchist Book Fair stark naked, the 9/11 conspiracy crowd, or the chap who was rumored to have been skinning roadkill at last Spring’s SF Book Fair, there’s always some unsavory element lurking about on the fringe.

But no matter how regrettable the “left” can be at times, this photo essay, which has been making the rounds on the internet, illustrates a) just how fucking nuts the conservative crowd is, and b) that coherent and consistent articulations of anarchist politics are an imperative in these times of mass confusion.“

CNT Fest Metz: Were There!

Because the union is amongst the best Europe has to offer, because the people are nice, because the bands are good, and because its not in Germany…we are, like, so there maaan….

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