Assorted Nr. 15: Racist Judge Flips Out, Embarrased by our Own, Brigada in Göttingen, Racing-Independiente,…

*An Argentine Judge Flips Out
Judges, cops, soldiers, bureaucrats…nobody likes them, and here is another example of why.
Briefly the background: Her car was towed. I will of course not translate this entirely, but for those whose Spanish is poor, some highlights….
-“I dont have to pay anything eh!“
-“Come here, Im the one in charge here!“
-“Im a judge…bla bla…I dont have to pay, just like Ive never in my life had to pay.“
-Flipping out because nobody will escort her to her car.
-“I give the orders here, idiot“
-“I should slap you“
-“You better never come into my jurisdiction, because Ill put you in jail for 8 months.“
-“All dark haired girls here, not even one blonde!“
-“Im the lawyer here!“

This incident has drawn lots of attention in Argentina. Confronted a few days later by journalists, it is clear that she has been taking LOTS of pills to deal with the „special attention.“

*Antifa Munich: Last week we were on the subject of which movement has the greater capacity for embarrasing itself. The ensuing discussion prompted somebody to remind me of an old classic of „antifa“ embarassment. Enjoy….

Lets be honest…we all get wasted and do stupid shit. The difference, and it is no small difference, is that rarely do we choose to a. film the stupidity, b. put it on the web for the world to see, and c. most of us dont have such sexist crap in our playlists.

*Damned Diffidati has spilled the secret, though we were patiently waiting to present the news together with the accompanying poster and thus mark the beginning of the great on/offline propaganda attack. But whatever…

Solikonzert on Friday 13.11 in Göttingens Juzi from Fire and Flames and the ALI for the demonsration the next day marking 20 years of the death of Conny. Lineup is finalized…
-Radical Hype (Polit Hip-Hop, Bremen)
-Feine Sahne Fischfilet (Ska-Punk, Rostock)
-Brigada Flores Magon (Streetpunk, Paris)
Be excited!

*02.10 Hamburg Infoveranstaltung: Nothing new there, just again the reminder…

„Freitag, 02.10.2009, 19h, Rote Flora:

Kein Vergeben, kein Vergessen
Zum 20. Todestag von Conny Wessmann

Conny wurde am 17.11.1989 nach einer antifaschistischen Aktion in Göttingen von der Polizei auf eine stark befahrene Straße getrieben und von einem Auto überfahren.
Genossen aus Göttingen erinnern im Antifa-Cafè an Conny und informieren über die am 14.11.2009 geplante Bündnisdemo anläßlich Connys Todestag.
Im Rahmen der Feierlichkeiten zum 20-jährigen Bestehen der Roten Flora findet das Cafè in selbiger statt.“

*Racing lost (and Atlanta as well), but that is not particularly surprising (so far 2 defeats, 4 draws this season). Off the field, again a clear victory though…

3 Antworten auf „Assorted Nr. 15: Racist Judge Flips Out, Embarrased by our Own, Brigada in Göttingen, Racing-Independiente,…“

  1. 1 diffidati 29. September 2009 um 0:42 Uhr

    don´t worry, no one remember what he read in a blog … ;)

  2. 2 Administrator 29. September 2009 um 1:31 Uhr

    maybe on your one…but the people in my „umfeld“ get regularly tested to see how well they are keeping up with the FF blog „inhalt.“ ha!

  3. 3 diffidati 29. September 2009 um 11:09 Uhr

    pff … ;)

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