Racing vs Independiente: Ganar o Morir

I know its wrong, and am fully aware that there is absolutely no rational explanation or justification. Yet I cant help myself. I *hate* Independiente. I hate everything about the club, I still hate its no longer existing pathetic stadium, I hate seeing them play, I hate everything about the club. But most of all, I hate its fans. Every time we play them I find myself standing there, a clearly visible frown of distaste on my face, staring at these people as if they were aliens from another planet, or inhabitants of some bizarro universe where good is bad, up is down, and so forth.

Its just so unfathomable to me, that there are people who consider Racing the worst of the worst. People who truly believe Independiente is a better club, and who dont grasp that what makes a club great is its people. That titles and trophys are won by mercenaries, and represent nothing more than better commercial management and some good buying decisions. And as far as people go, people who are always there, who have been to second division and back, who were told Racing had „ceased to exist,“ who paralyzed cities and congresses to save their club, and who despite setback after setback, misery, bankruptcy, embarassment, and betrayal always end up showing where the passion and the party are….there is nothing on this earth like Racing Club de Avellaneda.

We all have our „ticks,“ and this is my one, but still…Independiente fans belong in the zoo. Where little children can gaze at them with awe and fright, while throwing sugar at them in a vain attempt to rid the animal of its „amargura.“ (sourness).

Fortunately this insanity is limited in me to the abstract level…i.e I can still speak to Independiente fans as individuals. Although the awkward silences always end with me looking at them, eyes squinted and head slightly tilted saying „no really, but really, what *is* wrong with you?“

On Sunday, it is once again time for Racing -Independiente. 5.500 „fans“ of Independiente will be at Racing stadium, and through their „cold chestedness“ (you know, no heart…no passion) bring the general temperature a few degrees down.

I, like every Racing fan, have always given much and expected somewhere between little and nothing in return. Twice a year I actually expect and truly want a victory. Please Racing….do us this one small favor, and then we can go back to normality again for the rest of the season.

Some videos…

15.000 rolls of paper to welcome the team against Independiente in 1997. A day Ill never forget, especially because tons of paper plus lots of flares: is a really bad idea.

No more, no time….

„Racing, perdona el color de mi sangre“
„Solo Quien Comparte mi Pasion, Entiende Mi Locura“
„Podran Pasar Mil Anios, y No Salir Campeon…Prefiero Ser de Racing, Y No Amargo Como Vos“

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