Out Now on Fire and Flames Music: Inner Terrestrials, „Enter the Dragon + Escape from New Cross“ Digipack CD (FFM026)

Fire and Flames Music is very excited to co-release the latest INNER TERRESTRIALS album, „Enter the Dragon + Escape from New Cross“ in CD format (in Germany together with Plastic Bomb). This digipack CD is composed of the „Enter the Dragon“ mini-CD which has been out of print for several years, plus the also sold-out „Escape from New Cross“ live performance.

What is there to say about Inner Terrestrials? Well let „the masses“ speak and just quote some album reviews of the past:

„If there was ever a recent British band that could challenge the (proverbial) underground hegemony of Leftover Crack, it would HAVE to be the Inner Terrestrials. They fuse a cracking blend of punk, ska, dub-festy-reggae and folk. Not to mention having one-man-beat machine of Conflict fame Paco on drums, they have perhaps one of the most approachable and genuine vocalists on the punk circuit today – J.“

„The Inner Terrestrials deserve more attention with their unbelievable style and ability to convey such a positive and radical message without resorting to name-calling and defeatism.“

„How on earth a band can combine truly forward thinking and radical ideas with such musical intensity and yet refer back to injustices from nearly a thousand years ago (1066) is hard to understand. Get the albums, listen to the words and dance to the music – understand that protest music is not dead and be a part of the future!“

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