Further Proof that the Radical Right is Crazier than the Radical Left

Unfortunately, Im too incompetent to post the pictures directly here, but I *really* suggest having a look at this. Especially for any genius ultra-German „leftists“ who think there is something useful to be drawn from US conservatives.
Click here to be both terribly frightened and very entertained!

AK Press hits the nail square on the head. I dont even want to start thinking about all the times Ive been terribly embarassed of „my own,“ but its nice to see the other side works pretty damned hard at looking off the wall crazy as well.
All the Obama=Socialism=Communism and so forth imagery and rhetoric does kind of depress me though….because how great would it be if this was actually true??!! Sadly, I think the chances of Obama being a Trotskyist pulling the greatest entryist hoax in history are sadly rather slim. I quote AK Press…

„For anyone who has spent some time in left circles you know how embarrassing it can get. If it’s not some obscure marxist-leninoid sect alienating everyone within spitting distance with their party lines, the guy who always shows up at the SF Anarchist Book Fair stark naked, the 9/11 conspiracy crowd, or the chap who was rumored to have been skinning roadkill at last Spring’s SF Book Fair, there’s always some unsavory element lurking about on the fringe.

But no matter how regrettable the “left” can be at times, this photo essay, which has been making the rounds on the internet, illustrates a) just how fucking nuts the conservative crowd is, and b) that coherent and consistent articulations of anarchist politics are an imperative in these times of mass confusion.“

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