Racing vs Arsenal, 19:00 Today!

Because of World Cup qualifying this coming weekend, Racing plays today and at 19:00 European time!
Last game was 1-1, and terribly bad. 1 point out of 6, not a spectacular start. Whatever, nothing new.

Arsenal…a neighborhood club, owned by the son of our great Mobster Grondona. This probably explains their presence in first division as well. Not thaat long ago, I used to go see Arsenal play against Atlanta, in second division….And the last game I remember not only did Atlanta win 4-1, but the Atlanta fans pulled down the fences separating both fan blocks, and the last thing I remember is seeing the backs of the Arsenal fans as they literally were run out of the stadium. In the madness of youth, and especially in Atlanta (who recently started playing again, so more Atlanta infos and anecdotes will be coming in the future), it didnt seem all that abnormal. Arsenal is also not a club particularly known for drawing too many people to their games. This is about as full as it gets:

By the way, last Atlanta game….

(I wasted two hours of my life with this, you can sacrifice 10).

Random mediocre Racing video…

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