Tonight 02:00, Racing vs Colon…It Wont Be about Futbol

The attentive visitor of this blog may have noticed that while there was a preview to Racing vs Rosario, after that nothing more was said about the game. Why? Because Racing lost 1-0, and there isnt much more to say (except that, as predicted, cars of Racing fans got smashed during the game).

Tonight, first home game against Colon, and the prediction is that futbol will again take a very much secondary position to other scandals around. On the one hand, both „members“ (socios) and simple „fans“ are (rightly) very outraged at a new hike in the price of tickets to see Racing. Apparently, our elected representatives have come under the illusion that Messi, Kaka, and Rooney are all playing for Racing and not, as is reality, players of the calibre of Cahais, Mercado, and Santillo. Who?! Yeah, exactly…who indeed.

Much more worrying and bringing with it a great potential for violence, the rumor that a disgraced so-called faction of our „hinchada“ will tonight begin an attempt to strong arm their way back into our tribuna (terrace). „Los del Morro“ were finally ousted from Racing about three or four years ago, after a long period of internal conflicts, fights in the tribuna, and even one game where the police set up two different „visitors“ section, one for the „El Morro“ fraction and supporters (few) and another for „Dock Sud“ fraction and supporters (significantly more). The rumor has it that „El Morro,“ together with the support of barras from a couple of lower division teams has about 100 people together and plans to make their return tonight.

For those uninformed: „Dock Sud“ are „real“ fans who are mainly from the club, actually defend Racing and its fans, and make an effort to collaborate with the „party“ in the tribuna. „El Morro“ are mainly just petty (and less petty) criminals who see our terrace as a possibly profitable business. During their (short) rule it was for example not uncommon to see their younger members running around threatening people in the tribuna, stealing from them, and even trying to charge people for hanging up banners. They are however led by an ousted ex-member of the Guardia Imperial (the name of our barrabrava), best known for his role in the shooting of several Independiente fans a few years ago, one of which was killed. One final important reason why this person is not much loved, while awaiting trial for the murder of the Independiente fan he and some of his „collaborators“ went to a police station and handed over the giant banner pictured here below as a sign of their „good will.“ Needless to say, those many of us Racing fans who worked hard to make such a banner possible were little amused.

Lets hope its just a rumor, but if they do show up, lets hope the good side wins (and no innocents get hurt).

Anyways, as usual,, and since Colon is of little particular significance, a random video, accompanied by Roxette! :-)

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