Video of Carlos` Murder: „It Could Have Been Any of Us“

This video was first released to the public a few months ago. It clearly shows the death of Carlos as a coldly premeditated murder. The fascist (Josue) does not attempt to flee (which would have been easily possible by moving to other wagons), gives no warning, and places his blow directly to the heart. Later in the video, we can also see that he attempts to strike the second injured antifascist in the heart as well.

However, what makes seeing this video so important, is that it clearly demonstrates the risks that we all run in confrontations with fascists. Although there is no sound, we can clearly see Carlos saying something probably to the effect of „what is that shit which youre wearing?“ How many of us have confronted fascists which those words more times than we can possibly remember? Usually we expect (and hope for) a reaction, but in all honesty, who would ever expect *such* a reaction? Carlos certainly didnt, and with the adrenaline pumping, he probably didnt even realize the severity of his injury until well after he exited the metro.

I will refrain from hypocritical moral outrage as to the fascist murder. If the situation had been the other way around, we would (rightly) not even shed a tear. But the video does provide lessons, nothing new, but which are clearly worth repeating if it will help other comrades avoid injury in the future:

-One of the first acts when confronting another person is to see where their hands are. First and foremost to see if they are showing a weapon, if hands are concealed to know that you need to be prepared for the possibility of a weapon being drawn, and even if the person has no weapons, the „body language“ of the hands often reveals much about what might be coming next.

-Until the moment in which you plan to strike, stay outside of striking range.

-Not directly relevant to the video, but a common problem: „One on One“ is for macho bullshit, and has no place in the spectrum of political confrontation. The primary motivation is the accomplishing of a political objective, and guaranteeing the safety of the militants/activists is the immediate next priority. Anybody who is looking for something different needs to find themselves a boxing ring.
When is asking for „one on one“ and appealling to macho standards suggested? Well of course…when there are more of them than there are of you!

Carlos Hermano….La Venganza Sera Terrible!

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