Assorted Nr. 10: Nazis and Drugs (again), Force Attack, bla….

*And again, the people who do this…

Really need to pay better attention to this…

*The glorious hero who headed off in the Fire and Flames mobile *alone* to the Czech Rep. for 10 days and two festivals returned safely. He reports good times, good music, socializing with lots of Czech Antifas, and lots of rain. Yet the show must go on, and today the bus left again (this time with three people inside) to….FORCE ATTACK! Lets get this straight: its important to be there, if nothing else because a lot of younger kids are there and through the presence of the infoladen, our stand, the antifa infomaterial, Alerta Antifascista, Schwarze Socke, Concrete Jungle, and a few others which I forgot they are exposed to something other than the drunken waste that otherwise reigns.

Yet I have to be honest and say that for the first time since injury, I am soooooo happy to have an excuse to stay home. Some brief anecdotes after 5 years uninterrupted Force Attack presence of why this is so:

-Thievery: The first few years we caught and ejected at least 10 people trying to steal from us. The last couple of years, because of the thievery and „antifafeindlichkeit“ our stand looked somewhat „militarized“ and hence we were less often forced to act. You know, „peace through superior firepower.“ :-)

-Antifafeindlichkeit: Examples abound, but Ill limit myself to one. Some idiot kid comes up to us wearing a shirt of some Nazi band or another (cant remember which anymore). Promptly, he is ejected from the premises, loses his pass, his shirt, and possibly his balance as well. Not much later, drunken sister of this idiot tries to *urinate* on our table, while screaming something or other about „red fascists.“ Needless to say, her festival also came to an abrupt end at this point.

-Last year, some jackass wants to buy something. I kindly assist him. He then mumbles something I cant really understand. He repeats himself, and I think I hear „can we play Jew with the price?“ But obviously, I cant have heard this, because he cant really be saying this to me. So, before some innocent child is seriously injured becaus I misunderstood something, I ask *again* for him to repeat himself. He says the same thing *again.* Still not believing my ears, I call the other comrade and ask the youth to say the sentence again, this time to my comrade of German speaking origin. The look on his face quickly reveals that I had indeed understood correctly. Fortunately for this kid, he quickly noticed the change in our faces from „huh?“ to „you have about 2 seconds left to live“ and made a very quick departure from the scene…never to be seen again.

Plus the horror stories which are public knowledge and dont need to be repeated here. Dont misunderstand, Im not singling out Force Attack…Im sure most mass festivals with over 10.000 punks are similar…I just speak of the one I work at and know.
Anyways, lets hope the comrades return phyisically (and mentally) intact. :-)

*Third division Argentine futbol will not be returning this weekend, because the clubs owe the players too much money. Postponed for at least another two weeks. Nightmare.

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