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Assorted Nr. 2: Iran, Chavez, and the Brave Men and Women in Uniform….

*Iran: Here is a good interview with an exiled Iranian anarchist, brought to you by NEFAC.

*Chavez: The man had the brilliant idea of giving Ahmadinejad a call to congratulate him on his most recent election victory. Not content with this, he recently stated in public that Ahmadinejads victory is a „victory for all those who believe in a new and better world.“
The „Revolucion Bolivariana“ has certainly brought much positive improvement to the lives of ordinary Venezuelans, and from a revolutionary perspective it is impossible to deny the importance of the many experiences of dual power and popular organization which have grown out of this process and are more or less independent of the figure of Chavez. That being said however, our good friend is definitely waaaay off the mark on this one. Quite a shame that an otherwise relatively support-worthy process has to endure this constant embarassment.

*In Berlin, a brave defender of law and order was forced to draw his gun at the „Squat Tempelhof“ action. Fortunately, this action allowed him to escape the wrath of crazed violent radicals. Terribly sadly, a chief inspector in the anti-terrorist squad of the Spanish police, was not given the fair chance to draw his gun, as his car exploded a few days ago. Oh well, you cant win them all!

Racing vs Gimnasia de Jujuy, tonight 23:20

Edit 02:07 am, after the game: Racing 2 – 0 Gimnasia de Jujuy. Here are the goals, there really isnt anything more to say about this game.

Football fans in general are pretty superstitious, and Im not the exception. So since the pre-game post from last week was apparently responsible for Racings 3-0 victory over Boca, Im going to have to continue the tradition at least for the moment.

-If you want to watch it… Better than any party, concert, or generally any other activity on a Saturday night!

-The game is in Jujuy, one of Argentinas Northern provinces, a good 24 hour bus ride from Buenos Aires. Despite this distance and the fact that we are playing for practically nothing, about 1000 Racing fans is probably a safe estimate.

-Gimnasia de Jujuy has already lost the division, and will be playing as of next season in second division. Racing needs only a tie to mathematically be safe from having to play a relegation game this year (as was the case last year).

-In another „only in Argentina“ kind of situation….The „barrabravas“ of Gimnasia de Jujuy are split into two antagonistic fractions. In home games they each go to different parts of the stadium, and in away games the police often have to create a cordon so that the two fractions dont run into each other. In cases in which they do, it often ends with lots of knives and many people injured.

This situation is not so rare in Argentina, leading to some pretty strange situations. Some of the best examples, illustrated with images…

-In Racing, a similar situation lasted in about 2005 for almost a year, as a group of people who were most likely not even fans of the club tried to take over the popular/terrace in order to thus gain access to some of the power and money that the barrabrava has (free tickets, connections to politicans, free travel, etc.). After many fights, a shooting, and several away games in which Racing „fans“ were also divided into two fractions by a police cordon, these people were finally fought out of our popular/terrace.
The lowest point of this conflict, was as certain people who were once considered Racing fans, in an effort to save their necks from police repression decided to turn over a much beloved Racing banner to the police. Which banner? This beauty, composed entirely of banners stolen from other teams, is terribly missed. Sadly, I cant find a better picture of it right now, but you get the idea…

*Finally, the icing on the cake: The internal war in „Los Borrachos del Tablon,“ the barrabrava of River Plate. This was a nearly two year conflict for control of an organization that moves about 500 people and lots of money (jobs in River, security at concerts in the stadium, tickets, trips to the World Cup, etc.). Highlights include…
-An attempted kidnapping.
-A mass brawl in a supermarket parking lot, leaving several people with knife wounds.
-An execution style murder.
-And finally, a mass brawl in the popular/terrace. Weapons of all kind, massive panic, and to top it all off the stadium loudspeakers playing The Beatles „Yesterday“ while these lunatics try to kill each other. Look and see….

Fire and Flames on Tour!

Fire and Flames will be present at the following upcoming events….

*In Paris this weekend…

The very same weekend, thanks to the help of the comrades from Antifa Aktion Leverkusen, we will also be well represented at the UZ Pressefest in Dortmund.

*On Saturday the 4th of July, in Bonn at Reheinkultur

*From July 8th to 12th, off to one of our favorite events of the year, namely the Mondiali Antirazzisti in Northern Italy. Sun, relaxation, and something more or less similar to futbol.

*Finally, although there will not be a Fire and Flames stand there, all of you who plan to attend
Fusion can see one of our label bands, Patchanka, on Saturday, June 26th at 18:00 on the „Blue“ stage. Those of you sober and lucid enough to stand should go see them! :-)

We wish you all lots of fun at these events. I on the other hand, have chosen to once again remain at home and not attend any of these events. Its a great life…

Futbol Crazy…

*GTA is terrible, but this is pretty funny. A GTA mod with „barrabravas“ from all the big Argentine clubs, particularly centered around Boca.

Here with stadium chanting soundtrack…

Here even funnier with a Maradona tribute song from Argentinas finest Rolling Stones imitation band „Los Ratones Paranoicos“ (yes, „The Paranoid Mice“)

*Further proof that Argentina is a perfect South American banana republic.:
The ex-president Nestor Kirchner (in a further bout of „Evita Syndrome“ the current president is his wife, Cristina) flew in to Racing stadium today (in his private helicopter) to personally give Racings players 4 flat screen televisions as a gift, to reward them for their victory against Boca on Sunday, as he had promised before the game. Racings coach had yesterday threatened to stage a blockade in front of the presidential residence should the ex-president fail to make good on his promise.
Here is the full article from Ole

Be the blog…

Barely 24 hours in, and already the first email to contribute material. :-) A kind and attentive soul sent us the pciture below. Nice choice of jacket (incaseyoumisseditsthisone), just a shame of course that it was misused in such an anti-democratic manner by left-wing extremist criminals.

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