St. Pauli vs „Göttingen“ or „Is Something Really Always Better than Nothing?“

*Something* is better than nothing, or so we thought. And since in my injured condition nothing is often precisely what Im doing, it was with that logic that it was decided to attend St. Pauli vs „Göttingen.“ Lesson of the day…something is not always better than nothing.

Silence like in the theater and a level of play inferior to what could be found at just about every city park in Buenos Aires. Whatever, at least it was outdoors. „Highlights“ would have to be the third goal, and of course the naked freak who ran onto the field (fortunately for everybody, we dont have a picture).

Speaking of freaks, here are some great ones…

-Peter, one of Buenos Airess most famous drunks, a „loco lindo,“ and a loveable character…

-Much less loveable, but through their stupidity certainly entertaining are these Nazis from New Zealand. Please note the sentence about the „…delusions of European culture…“ and the ceremony with the sword (!!!??!!) in the *garage*. Brilliant!

(Thanks to slackbastard for posting this)

PS The game yesterday may have been boring, but in a few weeks Cuba comes to visit (!!!!!), so we are just going to have to be there again!

PPS Positively noteworthy is this flyer. Indeed…“city“ teams are a farce, and at 05 stadium the atmosphere would probably have been better.

2 Antworten auf „St. Pauli vs „Göttingen“ or „Is Something Really Always Better than Nothing?““

  1. 1 Sebastian 29. Juni 2009 um 1:17 Uhr

    Nooooooooo un loco en pelota corriendo por la cancha??? hahah pq no contaste eso! Increible Göttingen haha !! Que cagada

    Veo que el partido estuvo emocionante ! Como ver una ópera.

  1. 1 Support your local footballclub! « love münster – support göttingen Pingback am 10. Juli 2009 um 12:16 Uhr
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