Assorted Nr. 3: Huracan Continued, Stranded in Paris + „riots“, and another heartwarming video, this time from Iran…

*First of all, our solidarity goes out to the three Fire and Flames „workers“ who travelled to Paris for the „Barricata Festival,“ and have been stranded there for the last two days due to car problems. Our thoughts are with them! :-) At least Paris is not the worst of all possible places to be stuck, and hopefully they caught some of this „demonstration.“ on Sunday…
(and on the linked photos, please note the nice little detail of the hammer on the ground in the third picture from below).
Here is a link to a short video as well. The first person interviewed, Fred, is the former guitarrist of Brigada Flores Magon, by the way.
Pleasant as the images may be, first of all the demonstration apparently did not go so well, being dispersed in all of about 15 minutes, but mostly it marks a sad day, in that France has become yet another country outlawing masks on demonstrations. First it was Germany, Denmark then followed, Sweden a few years ago, France now, and Greece might soon follow. Clear signs that the world is becoming a shittier place.

*Two dead after Huracan game: This has by now become news pretty much all around the world. What you may not know however is that the most recent development has been a communique released by the „La Plazita“ (plus a few other sectors of the barra which are allied with them) faction of the Huracan barras. Im not going to translate it all, but brutally summarized they apologize for the violence during the game, but explain that in their opinion it was unavoidable in order to stop „La Zavaleta“ from completely taking over the terrace, with the subsequent mistreatment of „regular“ fans that this would imply.
The complete text (in spanish) here.

*Finally, here is another pleasant video involving cops, this time from Iran. Nice to see when fear changes sides! Note the nice charge at about 2:00 mins. into the video.
Here you go.

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